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Swiss Heartland - A lunch to remember

A lunch to remember

Monday, March 18, 2002

Montag, 18 März 2002

It was our very first Untour to the Swiss Heartland.  Our chalet was located in Sachseln.  We chose to take the train to Grindelwald that day. The scenery around this city is most impressive.  But the fondest memory we have of that day isn't of the scenery or the town itself.   It was the lunch.   We stopped at Hotel Kreuz & Post at 11:30am after wandering the streets on a beautiful sunny day. 

It was a little early for lunch.  So the restaurant was almost empty.  Our waitress, Simone, had time to chat with us.  We were thinking of trying something we had never heard of before, Fondue Bourguignon.  She explained how it worked.  The center pot contained very hot oil.  Along with numerous bowls of condiments was a supply of raw beef cut into small pieces.  The idea was to dip a piece of beef into the hot oil for about 30 seconds.  Once the first piece of beef entered our mouths, we were hooked.  It was delicious!  

When we returned in 2004, the hotel happened to be closed.  It was a big disappointment.  So next year on our third Swiss Heartland Untour the lunch destination at the top of our list in Grindelwald will be Hotel Kreuz & Post.  We won't need to think twice about our menu selection.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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