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Monday October 13 2014

Today we started to do some laundry and experiment with packing to see if our cheese and champagne would fit!  We brought our big suitcase (it's purple and we call it Barney) on wheels but it was mostly empty when we came.  And I always try to bring very few outfits, and even leave or discard some stuff along the way.  For example, I brought old trail hiking shoes and old nike flip flops to Amalfi and left both behind--I needed new ones and could buy them once I was back home.  You don't want new shoes on a trip where you walk a lot anyway!  I did the same here in Paris too--no reason to buy all new things for a trip--they don't know you after all!  I had nice black basics, with scarves and a good raincoat.  And yes, I did pack jeans, nice ones with a very dark color.  My husband had black ones. Everyone in Paris wears jeans...

Anyway, we wanted to make one return visit to the Dupont guitar store in Bastille, and so along the way, we decided to walk part of the Promenade de Plants, a long narrow park that was the inspiration for the High Line park in Brooklyn.  It was beautiful, and the views of the buildings from above were quite different and refreshing to see.  It was a beautiful park, a revitalizing area..

We took the 20 bus back to Republique and decided to walk to L'As du Falafel to have our last delicious sandwiches as a late lunch.  We walked the Marais area and ended up close to the Place de Vosges again--time for a little goodbye...

Later in the evening after dark we went to Tour Eiffel--the only tix I could get to go up in it were at 8 PM, and at first I was disappointed in this, but once we were there, it was awesome!  Go at night!  the strobes would light up, the views were stunning--Paris at night is like a necklace of diamonds--you could see forever (the night was clear and cold).  We took a billion pictures and finally joined all the other lovers strolling away, but always, always looking back at the lovely symbol of Paris...

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