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Porchetta Day!!

Today we started out with a small pastry and coffee, knowing we were walking to Repubblica in search of porchetta.  We had read the best in Rome was Er Buchetto on Via del Viminale 2F.  We found it with no problem, and it was divine.  Crispy skin, herb scented melt in your mouth pork, a chewy roll, it was divine.  1 E wine from a tap on the wall, it was a lunch for two for 9E, and the shop owner was so nice.  We signed his album, and looked at pork picture history of his family.  it is a hole in the wall place, but been there since 1890, so they must be doing something right! So nice, we decided then and there we would go back at dinner and buy just the pork and have it with sliced tomatoes and olives and leftover risotto for dinner.

We caught a bus and went toward the river, riding today, not walking...and ended up at the Temple of Hercules the Victor, one of the oldest standing monuments in the city.  Close by is the temple of  the river god Portumnus.  2nd century BC.  They are in a little area of greenery all their own and very beautiful.  Across the street is the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, which houses the Bocca della Verita, the mouth of truth.  According to legend, it bites off your fingers if you tell a lie while standing there with your fingers in its mouth.  Now, not wanting to tempt fate, Rhea just took my pic while I said nothing!

It poured rain while we were in the line, so we went inside the beautiful church and looked at Hadrians crypt...seems like everyone claims Hadrian for their own..and walked around the quiet inside.  Eventually the rain stopped, and we caught a bus from the Capitoline hill back home to dry out a little.

Once dry, we went back out and caught a bus, the 490 I think, which took us by the Borghese gardens to Piazza del Popolo.  It was a spectacular sight in the late afternoon sunshine, with raindrops drying up all around.  We walked back up Corso to buy some trinkets for kids back home, ending with a final view of the Trevi fountain...beginning to get sad about leaving!

We did indeed catch the bus to Repubblica and bought more porchetta, the owner was so surprised we actually came back, he cut us two huge slices!  We came back home and had that for supper and now are looking forward to our final big trip, to the gardens of Villa d Este and Hadrians villa tomorrow.  That should have us back her by early afternoon so we can pack and then have a nice dinner out.

This area has proved to be outstanding in many ways.  It is a banking and business area, so calms down at night really well.  Besides that, there is an excellent salumeria, the best pastry shop, the most delicious gelato called I Caruso, a great cheese shop, many fine restaurants and wine shops all within easy easy walking distance.  We would be glad to come back here at any time, and would highly recommend this apartment Flavia 1.  It is clean, everything works, the bus are very handy in all directions..you just cannot fault it.  


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