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Today we walked 900 miles...at least it seemed like it.  Those Roman cobblestones will make a believer out of whatever shoes you bring here...and you better bring good ones!

Actually we walked from here to the Colosseum and Forum area, taking pictures all the way.  We didn't intend to walk that far, but bus service on Sunday is scanty, and we kept thinking, well, if we walk a little more, we might find a bus headed in the right directions...

We never found the bus but before we knew it we were at the Aventine hill.  I wanted to walk to the top and take one of the famous keyhole photos of St.Peters through the Knight of Malta door.  Kind of a cool thing, if you think about it, you are looking through three countries.  Malta, Italy, and the Vatican...it was not hard to find, and we enjoyed the walk through cool, quiet, gardens and hills.  Rome rose garden is along the way, a scented delight, where we had a little picnic.

After we took our pictures, we caught a bus back over to Ostiense and walked around there some more.  We bought an onion, some pancetta, and another bottle of white wine.  After we got home and recovered from what certainly seemed like 900 miles of walking, Rhea made the most delicious risotto.  Then we watched Bond movies until we went to sleep.  Another day in Rome...another fantastic time....

You know, I think what we like most is just strolling, talking to people when we can, cooking, and seeing the neighborhoods.  This is the way to go.  We like cooking at home, so why shouldn't we like it here, where everything is fresh and real--we are already talking about coming back to Rome.  We both thought that the Amalfi coast was some of the most beautiful country we have ever seen.  But maybe just a little too packed for us, too touristy.  Not that Rome isn't!!!  But you can escape it easily in Rome.  And the weekdays are much better than weekends.  Just two more days here!  I've booked a tour of Hadrians villa and Villa d Este for Tuesday AM, that will leave us Tuesday PM to pack up and get ready for our early departure.

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