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We were picked up early by our driver for our journey to Naples to catch the Eurostar.  Oddly enough, with all our traveling around Italy, we had never taken a train!  But what a great ride this turned out to be.  We had first class tickets on the Eurostar!  At times we figured we were going close to 200mph.  But the ride was so smooth and pleasant.  Attendants came through to punch the ticket and also to offer drinks like juice, coke, or champagne!  I-m sure there was a charge for that!,  After only an hour and 10 minutes, we pulled into Rome Termini, and were met with no issues at all by Mary Handley, the Untours Rome rep.  What a jewel of efficiency she is!  She has lived in Rome for almost 40 years, and knows simply everything about where to go, what to do, etc.  She is a master of well organized lists!

We proceeded by Mercedes car to our Rome home, Flavia apartment.  This is a spacious apartment with a beautiful terrace, well located in a lively spot, but it calms down at night a lot.  The kitchen is huge by Italian standards, with a fridge that makes ice!  Wow, the luxuries of home...it has been so hot that we have looked longingly at some iced beverages, or even a really cold beer.  Amalfi was much warmer than I expected, and its going to be warm here too, at least for a while.

True to form, we explored the neighborhood a little, found the Despar grocery store, bought some fresh fruit.  There was a supply of apples in the apartment, but we wanted to  supplement some.  We then found a salumeria, a pastry shop, a gelato shop, and a pizza place that was mobbed by Romans.  We got in line and got a couple for our late lunch~supper. They were the best pizzas I have ever had in Italy!  Will post the name later, but it is right next door, literally, to Hotel Medici.  Flavia is on the top floor of the hotel, along with several other privately owned apartments.

After our early morning, crushing traffic in Naples, the train ride, our walk, and our pizza, we just watched a dubbed Italian movie on our great tv, and made an early night of it.  Lots to do tomorrow with the orientation.  we have been to Rome, but it was years ago, and only briefly.  So we are looking forward to that. 


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