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Swiss Oberland 2007 by Milton and Susan Martin


Background: The question is: “Why go to Switzerland”? The answer is that Mom and Dad, Marjorie and John, and Scott had all been to Switzerland, that is, the Alps at Gstaad and the Lauterbrunnen Valley, and constantly raved about it. If we want to participate in our family’s often-held travel memory sessions, then we had to visit Switzerland.

Susan and I prefer independent travel, not being part of a group with a set… Continue

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Tuscany North 2007 by Barb Mardis

North Tuscany - September, 2007

I have posted an illustrated trip report of our September, 2007 Tuscany North on our family web site: http://www.fotosnstuff.net/Barb/Italy2007

If you'd like to see pictures and get details, please visit us there! In this text trip report I will summarize our travels, omitting details but adding some things specific to Untours or the Migliarino apartments that I think may… Continue

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Sicily East 2007 by Tom and Ann Watrous

Any trip log of Sicily Untour should begin with a thank you to Katherine Reidy, the Untour representative and our hostess at Mallia apartment. She was unfailingly helpful, well informed and full of useful but little known tips about what to see and how to live on the Maddelena peninsula. In addition, she is a great cook and provided us with plenty of local dishes she prepared and the best-stocked kitchen of any Untour yet.

We spent most of our two weeks in southeastern Sicily.… Continue

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Swiss Heartland 2008 Part Three by Ginny and Dennis Dobie

Thursday, May 24

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.

I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”

- Robert Louis Stevenson, “Travels with a Donkey”

We had delicious muesli cereal with blueberries and strawberries for breakfast; we had been eating corn flakes back in Meiringen and found this great cereal in the COOP last evening. We met the rest of the Untour group for Orientation at 9 a.m. We only stayed for a short… Continue

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Swiss Heartland 2008 Part Two by Ginny and Dennis Dobie

Tuesday, May 15

“The average straphanger’s complaint is one of long standing.”

- El Paso Times

(This was our day at the Transportation Museum. There is no “long-standing” problem

in Switzerland due to the efficiency of the public transportation (RAIL) system.)

We arose to what was to be an on again/off again all-day rain - so a good day for a museum became apparent. We rode the 8:46 a.m. narrow-gage train from Meiringen to Luzern over the… Continue

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Swiss Heartland 2008 Part One by Ginny and Dennis Dobie



Tuesday, May 8

“In America, there are two classes of travel: first class, and with children.”

- Robert Benchley

We chose to go to Switzerland because we like to ride trains … and Switzerland is loaded with trains!

In addition, this country also lays claim to the renowned Glacier Express, said to be one of the premier train rides in the world. So we… Continue

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Untours Cafe Update: Great Things Brewing in Europe and North America

Dear Untours Cafe patrons,

(To make this message easier to read, links start with http://tinyurl.com. Click through as you normally would -- they go to the Untours Cafe site)

A few months have passed since our last update. It's suddenly fall & most people are back from travels, so I've got lots of great stuff to highlight!

Jean & Fred Agneta have been chronicling their return to Switzerland this year. So far there are four parts to the triplog:…


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Switzerland 2008 Trip Log Part Four

September 6 Lydia and Ernst invited us to have dinner with them this evening. We attend Mass here in Meiringen on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. We thanked Lydia and told her we would be happy to have dinner with she and Ernst after church. We told them we would bring wine and beer. After Mass we joined Lydia and Ernst for dinner. I set the dinning room table while Ernst opened the bottle of wine. Lydia cooked a delicious meal of baked pork cutlets,… Continue

Added by Jean and Fred Agneta on October 21, 2008 at 10:26am — 6 Comments

Tomorrow a dream comes true

Shuttle Express picks me up at 10:55am tomorrow and I'm off on my Venetian adventure. I'm packed (all except the tiny makeup kit that will be stuffed in tomorrow morning). I managed to get everything in to three small bags; clothes, one pair of shoes, undies, my main toiletry kit and one small guide book and an Italian dictionary are in the 21" wheeled bag that I will check, the electronics, overnight things and my quart sized bag with immediate supplies in liquid form, my raincoat rolled up… Continue

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Switzerland 2008 Trip Log Part Three

September 1st we started out early in the morning; our destination was Stein am Rhein. We took the train to Luzern, then Zurich and Winterthur and finally Stein am Rhein. Once in Stein am Rhein, we took the one hour cruise to Schaffhausen. We showed our Swiss Pass and the cruise was free. A great day for a cruise! We met a young woman with her two young sons from German. We enjoyed eating our picnic lunch as we rode along the water way. An hour later we arrived in… Continue

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Greece trip September 2008

Just got back home from a wonderful untour trip to Greece! We have taken many untour trips thru Europe and have never been disappointed! Each one has a different "flavor" and special memories.

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Untourist SBB Friend Stefan Gretener Comes West!

As a matter of background old-timers recall that friendly,helpful SBB employees staffed rail stations along the Golden Pass line from Luzern to Interlaken. Untourists who lived in Sachseln were fortunate to have met Stefan Gretener and several other friendly SBB staff associates, including Barbara Blatter. We fondly remember their independently created “take-out coffee service”—enjoyed by early morning travelers, and their helpful ideas for… Continue

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Greece and Holland Trip Slideshow, Including Video (June/July 2008)

So I finally gave my trip report yesterday on my summer Untours trip to Greece (and Holland). Greece was official Untours business, and Holland was for fun!

I just figured out how to set it up so you could see my photo/video slides, so please enjoy them! Click play to start the show, or click on the arrows to go to the next picture.

The videos don't seem to play in the slideshow below, so go to the… Continue

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we will be staying at nafplio 09/09. has anybody stayed there and do you have any suggestions? jim

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Switzerland 2008 Trip Log Part Two

August 29th We planned to visit Hug Biscuit and Cookie Company, we took the train to Luzern, changed trains to Willisau. We could not find a bus to take us to the company. However, as we looked around the train station, a woman walked towards us. She noticed we looked "lost" and in need of help. She was right. She was seeing her son off on the train. We looked puzzled, and we asked her about the Cookie/Biscuit company. She offered to drive us to the company, a short distance from the… Continue

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I can't believe we just signed up for an Untours and will leave in two weeks!

This is so unlike us. We usually plan for months and months, but due to family obligations that wasn't possible this year. Now we are taking advantage of Untours "last minute deals" and heading off to Holland in two weeks. I'm frantically making lists. We have a couple of Holland guide books and are reading as fast as we can. I'm caught between being very excited and wondering if we have gone crazy. However, now that I think of it, if we're crazy maybe it's not a bad way to be. How bad can… Continue

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Two Weeks from Tomorrow.

I can't believe my trip to Venice is almost here. There have been a few distractions at home, including the strange men on my deck right now working on the building remodel of the condo I live in. Hopefully they won't shut off my power again which is what I found at lunch today. There are 23 units and we are all dealing with this annoyance which just started today. Actually the street parking started three weeks ago and now that they have finally begun the project they seem to be making pretty… Continue

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Switzerland 2008 Trip Log Part One

August 24, 2008 we left Logan Airport on Swiss Air for our 4th trip to Switzerland. Our flight left at 9:45 p.m. and we arrived in Switzerland at 11:30 a.m. This was a direct flight to Zurich. Dinner was served; later overhead lights dimmed and the movie started. People settled down, some tried to sleep or read. Others talked among themselves. Before you knew it, the main cabin lights came back on, and we smelled fresh brewed coffee. Ah, ah, breakfast was being served.

August… Continue

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