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At 9:58pm on July 15, 2007, Powen Shiah said…
Hi Shirley! Welcome to the Untours Cafe. One of my favorite activities when traveling is also getting lost. Sometimes it's because I have a poor sense of direction (thank goodness I live in Philadelphia where the streets are laid out in a grid), but other times getting lost just means not having planned out somewhere specific as a destination. Some of the most interesting experiences are while wandering around.
At 12:28pm on July 16, 2007, Pete and Maggie Haggart said…
Good to see you at the Cafe. Switzerland is our favorite spot in Europe and we hope to come back again and again (only three times so far) - especially after we our "fill" of the "thrill" of driving in Europe!
At 1:10pm on July 16, 2007, Jean and Fred Agneta said…
Hi Shirley, great picture of you!!! Can't wait to see you again in 2008--- Keep travelling!!!
At 1:22pm on July 16, 2007, Jean and Fred Agneta said…
Hi Shirley, Marilee can send you the pages you need to figure out what to do on Untourscafe. I printed out each page, and followed the directions. Plus
another person, Ann came to my rescue about writing a trip log and inserting pictures here and there in the trip log. Have fun, its a great site!
Jean and fred
At 9:05pm on July 16, 2007, Bill Kover said…
Welcome aboard Shirley! Happy Traveling!
At 12:51pm on July 17, 2007, Vance Roy said…
Well Shirley, I knew the neighborhood would go to pot sooner or later. I've sent you a pic of me at the 50th reunion by email.
At 6:07pm on July 17, 2007, Ryder Doty said…
Hi Grandma!!! Enjoying some aged and bottled grapes?
At 6:15pm on July 19, 2007, Joan and Bruce said…
Hey Shirley, good to see you! I need friends! Trying to figure out how to add that "friend tag". It was a treat being in Sachseln with you this visit. Hope it happens again.
At 5:23am on July 22, 2007, Eleanor - 'El' said…
Getting lost was a favorite pastime my mother and I had. We would stumble across a beautiful scene or an interesting place while "lost." It was easy to become "found." All I did was head in the general direction from whence we came. A familiar road or place would appear eventually. Those "losts" became some of our fond memories.
At 1:45pm on July 28, 2007, Joan and Bruce said…
I can smell the garlic from here! Did you have a good time at the Garlic Festival? Love Ryder's photos. Good photographer. Bet you have an itch about now to return to CH!
At 3:03pm on July 28, 2007, Ryder Doty said…
haha. ok ok...i've changed my picture to something more colorful...i'll try to keep that updated.

You're quite popular on here! How are you liking this site?

I think a younger perspective in good in some cases. For example, if a person wanted some fashion/electronics/pictures/etc. =)

How's your weekend going!?

- Ryder
At 1:28pm on July 29, 2007, Johana Thornton said…
Maybe we will get to meet in 2008. We usually try to go to Sachseln and say "Hello" to Frau Britschgi. Where will you be staying while there? have you ever been to Kandersteg?
At 4:10am on August 15, 2007, Vance Roy said…
An Indian princess??? Forgot to smile didn't you?
At 11:55am on August 24, 2007, Kemp said…
I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. I'm looking forward to taking more next month.

At 1:00pm on September 2, 2007, BrendaF said…
Hello, Shirley. As a solo traveler myself, I'm interested in the trips to Switzerland that you took by yourself. Hiking would be a big part of a trip to that beautiful country, but I worry about safety -- less the dangers posed by other people than the fear of getting hurt and being alone on a mountaintop. I see that your interests include rock climbing, so I'm guessing your fitness level is a lot better than mine. Can you give me some advice about hiking alone in Switzerland? Precautions, things to consider when choosing a trail, and so on. Thanks a lot.
At 10:18am on September 3, 2007, BrendaF said…
Thanks for the good advice. Yes, I am interested in the hikes you do every year -- and I'm interested in the "every year" part, too! I saw in your comment to Kemp that you go at the same time every year -- is that September? And why do you prefer that time? I see that you've stayed in Studio Albert, which is the Heartland Untour. Do you go to the Heartland every year, or alternate with the Oberland? And why? Oh, yes -- thanks for being my Untours friend!
At 11:36am on September 3, 2007, Shirley Thornton said…
I don't alternate years between Oberland and Heartland. Last year I chose Kandersteg as I was taking my son and family and thought they would enjoy this area - which they loved. I've stayed in several villages in the Oberland. But I've probably chosen the Heartland for the hiking and of course my hosts! I have a lovely hostess in Meiringen and I really enjoy that town. And such a good location for the hiking I chose to do. But I've spent the most time in Sachseln - friendly, small town with good bakeries and fine for groceries also.
And of course my favorite hosts of all time - the Greuterts. So much as been written about them need I say more? Why September? Perhaps a bit cooler weather and less crowds. And by now I've made so many friends who like me go the same time every year or every other year. A great feeling to be in a foreign country and see so many familiar faces. But whenever you go you will find that Untourists are a pretty friendly group! Hikes? Grandmother's, Grandfather's. Valley of the Waterfalls, Lauterbrunnen to Zweiluttschinen,Bonigen to Interlaken, Brunig to Lungern, Kaserstatt to Magisalp and the list goes on. Also Wilderswil to Interlaken. I have no problem doing any of these alone. Also along Lake Brienz to Iseltwald. Throw in the lovely boat rides on Thun and Brienz and a couple of postal bus rides and you've filled up the two weeks and then some!!! Oh! Dear! I wish I was there now!!! I hope I've been of help.
At 3:03pm on September 4, 2007, Barbara Roy said…
I am so impressed with your writing, website, etc.
You are still my new best friend. Love, B
At 6:56pm on September 21, 2007, BrendaF said…
Hi, Shirley. Somehow I missed your September 3rd post in which you gave lovely detailed answers to some questions I asked you about your Swiss Untours. I'm glad I finally checked back! I'm gaining some familiarity with the hikes and town names, and I look them up on maps so I know about where they are relative to each other, too. I'm always interested in how people choose their vacation destinations and times, especially when I'm also considering visiting those same places. The information you provided is indeed helpful -- and I wish I was there now, too! Thanks again.
At 5:07pm on September 24, 2007, Linda and John Clausen said…
Hi Shirley,
Thanks for the comment. It looks like we will be trying to book the sampler with the Rhine and the Bavarian castle. Which place did you stay at? they all sound wonderful. Thanks! Linda

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