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At 6:53pm on June 22, 2007, Eleanor - 'El' said…
Have your ears been burning? We've been hearing a lot of comments about you. Don't worry, they've all been good ones. Although, we did hear about the neighbors complaining about a behavior you and I share. When we meet, I shall enlighten you as to what it is.
At 9:42pm on June 27, 2007, Robert W. Miller said…
All my pictures are in the Koday gallery. How do I send from there to get it on the Cafe?

At 9:44pm on June 27, 2007, Robert W. Miller said…
I hear that you are going to be on the TODAY SHOW and I defintely want to watch. Can you tell on what date and at what time?

Bob Miller
At 1:47pm on June 29, 2007, Jean and Fred Agneta said…
Hi Hal, I too second that comment--- when will you
be featured on the TODAY SHOW????
We'll send you some new batteries to keep you
running forever and ever!!!
Hugs, Jean and Fred
At 2:43pm on July 3, 2007, Robert W. Miller said…
Hal, I've gotten a fresh picture made and have it in my files. I've asked Powen for instructions on how to insert it in the Cafe Untours file.
At 4:40pm on July 5, 2007, Marlene Hench said…
Thank you for setting up Untours. Frank and I love it and promote it to everyone we meet.
Love the new site. Just started checking it out.
From one of your loyal photographers!
Marlene Hench
At 12:00pm on July 6, 2007, Jean and Fred Agneta said…
Loved the NBC show featuring YOU!!! Only one problem, it wasn't long enough. We need to see more of you, and the Foundation, have you checked your batteries lately?? they will keep you running for a long time. Jean and fred
At 9:41pm on July 6, 2007, Robert W. Miller said…
I've got an up to date picture but haven't yet figured out how to insert it. I tired but must have made a mistake in the procedure. If I can't do it on second try, I'll ask Powen for help.
At 2:16pm on July 10, 2007, Jean and Fred Agneta said…
Hi Hal, I did post that Funny Story you sent me,
about Lizabeth Von Moos. It is under discussions,
at the bottom of the page, under Soup to Nuts.
Hope this is what you wanted.
Jean and Fred
At 11:51am on July 11, 2007, Jean and Fred Agneta said…
Hal, I hope you will expand on the first time you took Untourists to Switzland 32 years ago. You started to tell the story, but had to run.
Hopefully you will continue your story.
At 6:25pm on July 11, 2007, Jean and Fred Agneta said…
Hal, I did read tje exciting part of your first trip
and thanks for sharing it with me. As I mentioned
I think you should continue this story as a Blog on the Untourscafe-- everyon would be so interested to read this directly from you. How you first got the idea and ventured into Switzerland with 6 people
You could write in different parts. Part 1 Getting started, Part 2, etc. Hope you do it!!! Let me know
what you think. I enjoyed reading the first part of your story very much. Jean
At 2:42pm on July 13, 2007, Tom and Karen said…
Hi Hal, Just a quick note of thanks for all that you and Untours have done to enrich our lives. Years ago my wife saw a segment about Untours on the Today Show and the rest is history. Cheers, Tom & Karen
At 3:22pm on July 13, 2007, Robert W. Miller said…
Hi, Hal, nice to hear from you. Doris and I will arrive in Sachseln on July 18 and depart on August 1.
Will be staying with Berit & Albert. Hope to see you.

At 4:24pm on July 13, 2007, Hal Taussig said…
Lucky Dog! Sorry I'm not going to make it while you are there.
At 12:06am on July 14, 2007, Pat B said…
Hey Hal....thanks so much for inviting me. I'm working on my husband to go to Ticino next. Pat
At 11:01am on July 14, 2007, Jean and Fred Agneta said…
Yes Hal, by all means tell everyone that I suggest it!!!! This will be a great story for the
Untourscafe, please continue to write your about the early years of Untours.
Have fun, Can't wait to read the next part.
At 1:35pm on July 14, 2007, Leslie Richardson said…
Hal, you are my hero! If it wasn't for you I would never have been able to travel all over Europe.

Meeting and spending time with you in Spain was a highlight of my travel life.
At 3:14am on July 16, 2007, Marlene Hench said…
Frank and I love Untours. He had been talking to me about taking trips to Europe. I always felt more comfortable in the states. I never liked any tours where you are herded on/off buses etc so never wanted to do any of these tours.Then about 5 years ago he saw an article in our newspaper about Untours. It sounded so interesting, we called Untours and asked where was the best place to go for beginners who were afraid of Europe. The suggestion was Switzerland. It was wonderful and we have been enjoying Untouring ever since. Thank you so much for having the forsight to start something so wonderful!
We would love to meet you someday....Marilee too!!!
At 3:13pm on July 28, 2007, Arlene Smith said…
Hal, I applaud you and your company's adventure opportunities for folks like me and my husband who like to travel independently but feel supported by your brilliant network of helpers, both here and abroad. Your life and endeavors are an inspiration!
At 3:18pm on July 29, 2007, BARENEK said…
Hi, Hall,
Nice to talk to you.What a great idea. Everybody can share everything from his travel experiences and so the
clients have an easier choice where to travel next year.
For sure I believe everybody will come to Prague, we have so nice places to stay, so that everybody would enjoy this beautiful city. I ´ll try to show the Untours cafe members the beauty of our heritage, architecture and music.My best regards and by the way you have really a nice bike. The same colour as I have here. But my has more of horsepower. After you come to Prague we can compare. ALENA

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