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At 5:12pm on July 5, 2007, Vance Roy said…
Greetings Marlene. You will find this a lot of fun!
At 5:14pm on July 5, 2007, Powen Shiah said…
I did receive the photo CD, and I had a wonderful time re-living the memories when I saw all your beautiful pictures. Thank you again for sending them!
At 6:07pm on July 5, 2007, Eleanor - 'El' said…
I'll have to check with the other "half" to learn if we have a copy of "Streetwise Map of Paris." We might not, but have something equivalent to it because we like to have street maps of the area in which we visit. In fact, we have made it a point to purchase the 21 Hagstrom County Street Maps for all of NJ. They are arranged alphabetically in a clear plastic box that's kept in our car. When we run into a detour or an accident or whatever, I reach back and pull out the appropriate map. When we travel, we use a map to locate our accommodations and local restaurants. In this way, when we're ready to eat, we have an idea of the location of a nearby restaurant. It saves us a lot of time and heartache.
At 5:41am on July 6, 2007, Bill Kover said…
We will be staying at the Petit Carreaux apartment, right next to the Rue Montorgueil. So I may be picking your brain for the next 8-9 months.
At 8:12am on July 6, 2007, Eleanor - 'El' said…
My husband showed me your response to his inquiry. We immediately printed the message and added it to our Paris Folder. The flat we have on hold is located very close to rue Montorgueil, so the "Au Pied de Cochon" restaurant caught our attention. We love French onion soup. Thanks for your recommendation.
We thoroughly understand the "Jet Lag" experience. After our last European month-long trip to Switzerland, we found ourselves going to bed early and arising around 3:00AM. It took us at least a week before we were back to the USA's time schedule. It seemed that we were waking at least an hour later each morning. However, by awakening and getting a head start on the day, made us feel good. There were pleasures in watching the sun rise and listening to the birds' songs as they awoke, as well.
At 11:51am on July 6, 2007, Jean and Fred Agneta said…
Can't wait to see your Paris photos, keep them coming, Jean an fred
At 8:30am on July 10, 2007, Eleanor - 'El' said…
Thanks for the "pat on the back."
This past fall, I learned even more about the importance of swimming. After my mule ride "incident" last summer at Yosemite, atrophy kicked-in due to my spending a month in the wheelchair at home. When I first got back into the pool that November 1st, my left leg, especially, was so weak I couldn't even use it to do some of my personal water therapy. I swam and allowed the leg to drag in the water. Gradually, some strength returned, and once again I'm able to to a routine of exercises for the first ten laps. Then I continue swimming laps for the rest of the hour. If I complete 64-70 laps total, I'm happy. Swimming has enabled me to continue to do a variety of activities, as well as travel. This is why I highly recommend water activity. It's good for you!
At 7:13pm on July 10, 2007, Pete and Maggie Haggart said…
Thanks for your note - we loved Paris - hope you did too!

At 6:01am on July 11, 2007, Eleanor - 'El' said…
Yes, you're correct when you say that the full leg brace, the crutches and the wheelchair are a "dead give-a-way" that I'm handicap. However, a few years ago, we learned that it would be a good idea to have a handicap placard, too. We were visiting my cousin in Mont Tremblant, Québec, Canada and drove to the Village. We parked the van in an appropriate Handicap Parking spot. Later when we returned to drop off some packages, we saw our equivalent of a "Meter Maid" standing in front of our vehicle. My cousin asked if there was a problem. She said that our vehicle was parked in a spot for the Handicap, and we had no placard. Her face turned slightly red when he pointed to the license plate. It had the Handicap icon in front of the letters & numbers. After we returned home, I followed the procedures to obtain a placard. Now, when we travel I place it in my crutch bag just in case. However, I might not have thought to pack it for our trip to Paris. Thanks for the suggestion.
At 6:14am on July 11, 2007, Eleanor - 'El' said…
Comments about your "What advice would you give others considering an Untour? comments: Wow! I couldn't have said it any better. You hit the "nail on the head," especially when you say to do some pre-trip planning. By the time you return to your place at the close of the day, you're too tired to sit down and begin to read through the materials to decide what to do the next day. You have to be flexible because the unexpected may occur, so you need to be willing to alter those plans. Also, remember: A warm smile works wonders!
At 6:41pm on July 11, 2007, Jean and Fred Agneta said…
Thanks Marlene, enjoyed reading all the comments on your page. Your Paris trip sounds so exciting!!
I loved your line: "live like a local among the locals"
this advice we have followed, and have made Swiss friends along the way. Plus also interesting stories!!
We love Migros, the Coop, etc. What great varities, so many items we can't get at home, we will look forward to any triplogs, or blog you post.
Jean and fred
At 4:29am on July 12, 2007, Eleanor - 'El' said…
Thanks for your thought and wishes. Our anniversary was yesterday, the 11th. We're continuing to celebrate today by spending the day out. The weather wasn't too agreeable yesterday for us to be strolling through an historic village, and perhaps dining outside.
At 4:26pm on July 12, 2007, Eleanor - 'El' said…
Were your ears burning? This morning, we decided to drive to a quaint old-fashioned General Store to enjoy some breakfast. Bill and I were talking about you as we traveled. The question that we couldn't answer was: How long was your recent trip to Paris?
At 2:06pm on July 13, 2007, Hal Taussig said…
Hi Marlene!
You and I haven't met personally have we? No matter, here we are in the Untours Cafe. Your reputation as a skilled photographer suffuses our offices here in Media, so I feel like I know you.
At 11:16pm on July 19, 2007, Pete and Maggie Haggart said…
Thanks for your comments on our Paris blog. We went in late September 2003 and plan on returning to Paris at some time in the future. We just loved it! Look forward to seeing your pictures and thoughts about Paris.
At 6:28am on July 21, 2007, Bill Kover said…
Since you are fresh from Paris, what are the most common French phrases that you think someone would need to know for their French Untour? There are so many phrases that sometimes it boggles my mind. I need to concentrate on the most important ones first. What do you suggest?
At 5:54am on July 23, 2007, jerrysandy said…
I've never seen anything like it. One apartment, Hermann lower was destroyed and the people in it narrowly escaped with only their money and passports. The next morning it was like a moonscape. This all came from one brook breaking out above town.
At 12:34pm on July 23, 2007, Johana Thornton said…
Hi Marlene,

We have never stopped in Gwatt on our Untours. We have stayed in Schseln,Lungern and Kandersteg twice and returning to Kandersteg next year. Kandersteg is a small village of 1200 people, but it has 30 restaurants and I think 7 ntour apartments. Half the fun of traveling is meeting the people. In Knadersteg it is so small that we would see all the other Untourists almost everyday and we would get together to go out to dinner or for wine and cheese. We have made some wonderful friends that we still keep in touch with. We did Provence this year and loved the area, but after the orientation, we never saw anyof the other Untourisrs again until the dinner. Also the apartments are so far apart and outside the towns . In order to go anywhere, you had to drive. We so like coming back to our apartment in the evening and walking to dinner and then stroll around the village.
At 11:35pm on July 23, 2007, Sue PVE said…
Hi Marlene,
I love your page and your pictures. They bring back happy memories of Europe. This Untours Cafe is very exciting for me but I feel like such a neophyte. I have not been successful in adding more pictures, but I will try till I get it right!
If you have friends in Aix en Provence, by all means do the Provence Untour. It would bring out the artist in any photographer (think Cezanne, Van Gogh, Matisse...) because the light and the colors are so special. Happy travels, Sue
At 4:41pm on July 25, 2007, Mary Lou Grier said…
I've just been enjoying all your photos - you are really an artist with the camera! And now I also know why it's such a pleasure to have you as my
friend - you stayed at Ada Teresa in Tuscany South!
In September I'll be there for the first time with 2
girl friends - it just sounds wonderful. Also have
it reserved for the 2nd half of next May. Teri
Chaves, another Untour Cafe Member, has also stayed there. How far is the common room from
Ada Teresa?

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