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Reading "Heidi" created a dream finally fulfilled

Marian is a friend and neighbor. One evening we were talking about our upcoming trip to Switzerland to start the middle of May 2008. She told us that after reading "Heidi" at nine years old she had two dreams. One was to have a daughter named Heidi, which she does, and the other was to actually visit Switzerland which she had not. We told her that she could come along with us when we go. We were staying in Chalet Berit and Studio Albert was available so it would all work out great. So that is what we did.

I don't think Marian ever stopped smiling the whole two weeks. She was like a kid in a room full of favorite toys. Being a girl raised on a farm, she liked the countryside, especially the cows, much better than the cities. The hillside next to our apartment was filled with sheep for her to talk to every day including one poor ewe that was so fully pregnant (shown near the end of the video) we thought she would deliver every day (but it was to be long after we left).

Like all of us that have stayed with the Greuterts she fell in love with Berit, Albert, and the whole family (just as we had done on our first stay in 1998). One evening, Albert let Marian play his piano and we thought he wasn't going to let her go back to her apartment and weren't sure she would leave if he did!

When her two weeks were up and the time came to leave she kept making excuses that she couldn't possibly leave yet. We escorted her on the train to the airport listening to all kinds of things she had surely forgotten and just had to go back. We finally pushed her through the door into Customs and she was too teary eyed to look back knowing that we were going to be in Switzerland another two weeks without her.

Following is a 10 minute slide show video with some highlights of Marian getting a chance to prove that dreams can come true. Notice the smiles!!!!!!!!!!

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