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Monday June 22, 2009

Kudos to Connie Sullivan for finding and starting a new cheese making trip location at Glaubenbielen Jänzimatt out of Giswil. It is operated by a charming family, farmer Adrian Riebli, wife Heidi, and four children, one below school age which we met. We were in the first official trip today. They had a trial run last year but we count as Charter Members I think. It was a good group to go today because the weather was not good to say the least and everyone was game and were praising the whole experience. If there is anything some people may complain about it is the 30 minute somewhat uphill walk to get there from the bus stop and back down later. The bus was not running there yet so we took a taxi up and the family drove us in two cars down to the Sörrenberg lift station to catch the bus to Schüpfheim and catch the train to Luzern or Bern.

It was cold, raining, and foggy this morning so the ride from Giswil and the 30 minute uphill walk from the bus stop to the farm was not nice. But the cheese hut was warm, cozy, and clean and the young farmer a joy to watch and listen to as Connie interpreted into English. We were able to watch the complete process. For only Sfr. 8 we enjoyed a delicious snack of bread, cheese, sausage, and coffee (with schnapps if wanted). While eating it started snowing. Later it even cleared a bit to show a dramatic picture of mountains. Here are a few pictures of the day.

Their home in the summer

We are saying Thank You and Good Bye

So to repeat myself - THIS WAS A REALLY ENJOYABLE DAY IN SPITE OF BAD WEATHER. WE GIVE GREAT THANKS TO CONNIE AND THE FAMILY RIEBLI. We wish them great luck in their business. It is not so often that you see young farmers. This farm was started by Adrian's Grandfather. Just recently Adrian has obtained a contract to sell his cheese to Migros as well as all the smaller merchants he has been working with.

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