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Well my son has finally deployed on Jan.18th,2009. I was able to go to his base and see him a few days before he left. I have heard from him several times since he has been gone. I uploaded a new profile picture. The one in street clothes is my son and the other young man is one of his buddies in his platoon. All of these young men are so very sweet. I haven't been able to crop the picture to show more of my son. My son is a wonderful young man and I am so proud of him. Before he left, he gave me only one instruction. He said, "Mom, I want you to be good to yourself." I'm going to take his advice this year. I hope everyone will keep my son and his buddies in their prayers.

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Comment by Vance Roy on January 28, 2009 at 12:26pm
Anyone with children can empathize with you Gina. We all worry about our kids, and no one ever told us that once a parent, always a parent. Nothing can surpass the pride we feel when a child is happy and successful. We all hope the best for your son and his comrades.
Comment by Bill Kover on January 28, 2009 at 10:22pm
My advice is to take care of yourself. I was in the military during the Vietnam era. Everyone worried about the possibilty of me being shipped to Vietnam. But instead of me being in harms way, it was the other way around. It didn't end the way I wanted it to. Write your son lots of letters. I still have every letter that I ever received while in the military. It was that important to me. Also send him photographs of home. When I was homesick, I would look at the photos and feel better.

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Comment by Gina on January 29, 2009 at 5:39am
You are right. Being a parent is a liftime position. When I was pregnant with my son and during his first week of life, I use the think that taking care of his physical needs was going to be the hardest thing to do. I soon found out that wasn't true. Taking care of physcial needs like, eating, bathing, etc. was the most easy part. The hard part about having children is taking care of their emotional needs and keeping them safe. If my son hurt, I hurt. If my son cried, I cried. If someone rejected him, I hurt. I couldn't fix it or his feelings. When he was given a samll knife for his 6th birthday (a man's thing) and cut his hand, even if I could have healed his hand, I would not have been able to take away the fear that came with that lesson. The things we want to fix the most, we can't. That is the toughest part of being a parent. I can't stop him from getting hurt whether it be in a war or from someone he loves or what ever it is. His feelings inside are what I can't fix and I can no longer keep him safe from the world. I am daily trusting God to do that for me.
Comment by Gina on January 29, 2009 at 6:14am
Thanks for the words of wisdom. My son said he can't wait to get letters. I was surprized by that. When he was in boot camp, he told me that he would read and read again the letters he was sent. In this day of technology, what Jessie loves the best are the hand written letters! It feels good to me also to WRITE a letter with a pen. There is something soothing about it.He is only 19 year old. He will spend his 20th birthday overseas. I have heard from several times He said he went out on a mission and met little children. They crowded around him while he gave out Crystal Light paks and one child he gave a pen too. He bought a sling shot from one child. He is so happy to be there but says he misses us all. Jessie never meets a stranger and is loved by many. He just has the type of personally that attracts people to him. I'm already on my second letter to him. I mailed him the first one yesterday. You gave good advice. I am following my son's instruction and I will take your advice and take very good care of my son's mother. If I am OK then my son is OK. Your idea about pictures from home is a very good idea. I am moving to a new townhome and have been trying to leave this apartment in which the owner has not done any maintenance in four years. I think I will take pictures of the different stages of the move. Jessie knows how much I hate this old apartment and so happy I am to be moving so that will probably give him a laugh. I have a new motto: "Just say NO to duck tape"! Using duck tape to do maintenance is not an option! Not kidding either. My son and I have now a running joke about duct tape. New townhome, here I come!!!
Comment by Marlene Hench on August 24, 2009 at 3:31am
We will keep your son in our prayers, Gina. My 45 y/o niece has just been deployed to Iraq recently too. It's hard to see them go at any age. Good luck in your new home!


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