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(8) Thunder and lightning at the haunted Kennebunk Hotel

(8) Thunder and lightning at the haunted Kennebunk Hotel

Sunday, June 23, 2013

We were both up at 5:05am.  In Bar Harbor the temperature was 57 degrees F  with overcast skies and sprinkles.  That was pretty much the forecast for the day with a high of 76 degrees Fahrenheit and some isolated thunderstorms.  By 6:20am our car was packed.  My comment was "not much room left." 

It took us 10 minutes to walk to Jeannie's Great Maine Breakfast on Cottage Street, arriving there at 6:35am, our last breakfast in Bar Harbor.  Our server that morning was Lauren.  Breakfast was as follows:  Eleanor - cup of fresh fruit, one blueberry pancake, one slice of ham.  Bill - two eggs with bacon, home fries and oatmeal toast. The drinks for both of us were coffee and orange juice.

At 7:12am we were ready to pay the bill.  The lady at the cash register said that she is the owner.  I said "Oh!  Then you must be Jeannie."  She said "No, I am Susan."  She had worked here 4 seasons before purchasing the restaurant.  She has been owner for the past 4 years.  She showed us group photos of her employees for each of the previous 3 years.  This season's photo needs to be added. 

Total cost of the meal came to $33.08 including the tip.

After one last stop in room 5 at the Acadia Hotel, we went to the front desk to check out at 7:40am.  Peter, the Acadia Hotel owner, was there.   We thanked him for the larger garbage can.   The previous day, after mentioning to Peter that we could use a bigger garbage can, a large garbage can appeared in our room with an attached note.

We left Bar Harbor at 7:49am.  The plan was to drive as far as Freeport, Maine, do some shopping at LLBean, and have lunch before continuing on to our final destination, Kennebunk, Maine.  9:04am - on I-95 the clouds were thickening and getting dark.  9:39am - a bald eagle flew across the road in front of our car.  9:44am - we passed a road sign "Watch for moose next 10 miles."  10:00am - Eleanor saw 4 deer, one behind the other, with the lead one looking to cross the highway.  We hoped they would make it safely.  10:22am - another "Watch for moose in roadway" sign.  Once we got on Route 295 south to Freeport, the sun occasionally peeked through the clouds.   It was now 71 degrees F outside. 

By the time we reached exit 22 to Freeport, sunny skies and warmer temperatures prevailed.  We parked behind the LL Bean Flagship Store at 10:53am.  As Eleanor began to open her door, I yelled "Wait!" just as a car whipped into the next parking space, almost taking off our car door.  I can't understand why people are in such a big hurry in the LL Bean parking lot.  Two years ago, we had a similar incident when an impatient driver drove past us on the right just as we were going to pull to the right into a parking space.  We were there mainly to buy new Gortex jackets and look for any sale items.  It has been becoming a waste of time to shop at the LL Bean Flagship Store.  They didn't have any Gortex jackets in the color we wanted. All they seemed to have was black or dark blue. You have to go online and order the color you want.  However, we were able to determine our correct jacket size by trying on a jacket of a different color.  Many sale items were in very large or very small sizes, but not our size.  Checking at their other outlet store a block or so away also turned out to be a waste of time.  In the bright sun the temperature had climbed to 82 degrees F which felt more like 90-95. 

At 1:00pm we decided to avoid the crowds and head to the southern end of Freeport for lunch at a place called Gritty McDuff's.  They have a nice shaded deck in the rear of the restaurant, which is where we sat.  Eleanor ordered Shepard's Pie with a demi-salad.  I had a hamburger.  Since this is a brew pub, we each ordered one of the draft beers.  For dessert we shared blueberry pie a la mode.

It seemed that the temperature got hotter and hotter as the day went on.  During lunch I noticed a dog tied to a tree in the shade.  Three minutes later the owner came out and brought the dog inside to cool off.

Total cost of the meal was $47.00 including the tip.  We left the restaurant at 2:32pm, and headed south for Kennebunk. 

By the time we pulled into the parking lot behind the Kennebunk Inn Hotel, it was 3:20pm.  There is a nice cozy patio on the side of the hotel.  This hotel is centrally located with easy access to the surrounding tourist destinations.

When I checked into the hotel, the young lady at the front desk led me outside along the patio and through another door to room 5.  I had requested a room on the first floor.  That's what we got.  Not only that, it was quiet and with easy access to the patio as well as our car in the rear parking lot.  However, we were a bit disappointed in the room.  The bed was rather small.  The floor in the bedroom had a noticeable slant, although this is to be expected in a 223 year old hotel.  The four drawer dresser in the bedroom was a bit irritating.  If you didn't close a drawer completely, it would slide open on its own (probably due to the slanted floor).  The clock radio was an hour behind the correct time.  I tried and tried, but couldn't correct the time.

There was no place in the shower to put the soap and shampoo except on the bathroom floor.  The water took at least 5 minutes before it got warm enough to take a shower.  It just wasn't as fancy as we had thought it would be.

It took a while to unload the car and get things put away and organized.  We were all settled by 6:15pm when a severe thunderstorm moved into the area.  Loud thunder, frequent lightning and torrential downpours lasted through the rest of the evening.  It was fitting weather for our first night in a haunted hotel.  We had read that after renovations in 1980, ghostly activity began to manifest.  The activity includes moving and flying crystal goblets, exploding wine glasses behind the bar, disarrayed silverware, and moving chairs.  We brought with us a bottle of wine and two acrylic wine glasses, along with some cheese and fruit for a light evening meal in our room.  So chances were good that there would be no exploding wine glasses in our room.

Total distance walked:

Eleanor - 3.21 miles

Bill - 4.81 miles 

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