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(7) Walking the Shore Path


Saturday  June 22, 2013


We both got up at 5:25am and turned on the Weather Channel.  The forecast was for cloudy skies with a high of 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  The temperature was 58 degrees F at 6:40am as we left our room and began walking to the Reading Room Restaurant at the Bar Harbor Inn for breakfast.  




There was a flurry of activity as we passed through the Village Green.  Multiple enclosures were being erected.  There was to be a sale of paintings by local artists that weekend.


As we were walking down Main Street I noticed a young guy behind us walking in the street in our direction.  You couldn't miss him. He was wearing a lime green sweatsuit with matching lime green sneakers.  I stopped at the corner of Cottage and Main Street to take some photos.  He caught up with us.  A conversation then began.  It turned out that he is originally from Paramus, New Jersey.  He has been living in Maine for 10 years, ever since he graduated from high school.  He was on his way to a "permanent" full time job.  His wife was currently at the Bed & Breakfast that they own in Sicily.  I assumed he meant Italy.  There is no Sicily, Maine.  He said to Eleanor "If you don't mind, may I ask what happened to your leg."  Eleanor said "Polio."  He said "What's polio?"  Eleanor then went into more detail.  He was shocked to hear about polio and its effects on the human body, and the vaccine that came later.


As we were standing there a faint humming noise from above caught our attention.  There, only a few hundred feet in the air, was a motorized paraglider.  Our friend said "Oh, that's my friend Charlie.  He and his friends fly every Saturday at about this time."   As we all continued on our way a few more paragliders flew past overhead.    









Harry, the doorman greeted us as we arrived at the Bar Harbor Inn.  He asked us if we had seen the paragliders.  I showed him the photo I just took of them.  He in turn showed the photo to the man at the front desk.




At the Reading Room Restaurant, our server was Renee.  Eleanor ordered Wild Maine Blueberry Stuffed French Toast with Virginia Ham.  I had my favorite: Wild Maine Blueberry Pancakes with bacon.  The drinks were our usual, orange juice and coffee.














Atanas, from Bulgaria, was responsible for keeping our water glasses full.  He said that his name means "immortal."  We went over the Bulgarian words for "Thank you" (Blagodarya) and "Please" (Molya) and practiced saying them to him.  I took his photograph.



Renee is from Bar Harbor.  On our first trip to Bar Harbor in the early 1990's, we were impressed with the seagulls around the dock area.  They were so good at aerial acrobatics that they could snatch any morsel of food thrown into the air.   There were very few seagulls around the dock area on our last visit in 2011.  They were just as scarce on this trip.  We asked her if she knew the reason for this.  She had no idea where all the seagulls went.  She said "There are plenty of seagulls on the other side of the island."


Total cost of the meal came to $48.72 including the tip.











As we left the Bar Harbor Inn, Harry held the door for us one last time.  We asked him about his work schedule.  He works 5 days a week 6:30am - 2:30pm, after which he goes to another job.  He is here all by himself.  When the season ends, he will return to Jamaica.  He asked if we would be back the next day.  We told him no, this was our last full day.   So I took a photo of him.  After our vacation I mailed him a copy of the photo.



We liked him a lot.  He is perfect for the job.  Eleanor gave him a big hug.  Sometimes on vacation, we get to meet someone special.  He is one of those special people.



At 8:19am we headed for the Shore Path, which begins in front of the Bar Harbor Inn.








We stopped to admire the view and my favorite dead tree.

At 8:40am the Whale Watch boat passed by on its way to the open sea.







A little further down the path a young girl was by herself on a bench reading a book.  After asking the girl what she was reading and the author, Eleanor said "You are a reader.  Good for you."




Photo below: Balance Rock, a glacial erratic leftover from the last ice age 10,000 years ago.

I call this the "Umbrella Tree."   It is a perfect place to sit and rest in the shade.  It was now 9:12am.  More and more people were beginning to pass by, getting their morning exercise.


Shore Path silhouettes.

The Shore Path is about 3/4 mile long (my pedometer indicated .77 mile) and took us about an hour to walk.  The last few hundred feet take you through a wooded area and past some upscale residences before ending up at Wayman Lane.  Wayman Lane leads right to Main Street.

On Main Street we bumped into a man telling a Japanese lady and her daughter about the Shore Path.  He asked if this was our first time in Bar Harbor.  We said "No, we've been here three times."  We then told the lady and daughter what to look for along the path.  From there we only had to walk about 4 blocks to the Village Green and then to our hotel, arriving at 10:08am.  After downloading some memory cards I decided to fill our gas tank in preparation for our drive to Kennebunk the next day.  At 10:38am Eleanor waited on the hotel porch while I went to the gas station on Cottage Street.  Meanwhile Eleanor talked to Carniela (Acadia Hotel housekeeper and desk clerk), who was cleaning the hotel rooms.  Carniela said that she doesn't get to see many of the sights because of her work schedule.  She asked if we could send her some photos we took of the area.  Eleanor agreed.  (After our trip I mailed her 25 photos c/o The Acadia Hotel).

The Terrace Grill in front of the Bar Harbor Inn was our goal for lunch.  As we crossed the street to the Village Green at 11:00am, we spotted two young girls waiting for the Island Explorer bus.  They were both wearing moose hats.  A photo opportunity was staring me in the face.  So I asked if it was okay to take their photograph.  They obliged.

As we got to the corner of the Green I took a photo of the Bar Harbor Fire Department and then asked to take a photo of the fireman standing there.  We told them that we have a fireman friend back in New Jersey who has family roots on Swans Island.  After telling them our tale of woe about being unable to purchase a Swans Island t-shirt for him, the fireman said that they have Bar Harbor Fire Department t-shirts and hats for sale to help in the fight for a cancer cure.  So we purchased a t-shirt for our friend, as well as two hats for ourselves.

As we continued down Firefly Lane, I decided that under no circumstances would we leave town before having an ice cream at Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream.

A little further down we passed a familiar sight in Bar Harbor, a dog patiently waiting for its master.








By 11:20am we were on Main Street passing in front of the Hemporium.  Since this was one of Eleanor's favorite shops in Bar Harbor, we detoured inside.   Lunch could wait a few more minutes.

At 11:35am we arrived at the Terrace Grill, situated in front of the Bar Harbor Inn with tables shaded by yellow umbrellas.  Included with the meal are views of the harbor.

Our drinks included Shipyard Ale for Eleanor, and Geary's Summer Ale for myself.  Eleanor chose Prince Edward Island Mussels for her appetizer.                                                                                                                                                                               

For the entree, Eleanor decided to try the Maine Crabmeat Roll with balsamic pasta salad.  My choice was Lobster Salad Roll with chips.

We both loved the sandwiches.  The chef had included bits of celery in the mayonnaise sauce, which really enhanced the flavor.  At 12:38pm a few sprinkles began to appear.  But by then we had finished eating.   The total bill came to $72.72 including the tip.

After lunch we wandered around and did some shopping.  At 1:33pm we stopped at the public rest rooms at the Newport Drive Parking lot.  While waiting for Eleanor, I heard a dog making a racket on the other side of a bus parked by Agamont Park.  I found a guy sitting on one of the benches with two little dogs.  One is a lhasa apso and the other is a cock-a-poo.  The blond one was making all the noise.

It was time to head back to our room to start packing for our departure the next day.  On the way back we stopped for ice cream at Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream on Firefly Lane.  When we walked in, one of the girls was on a ladder removing one of the flavors from the list high on the wall.  I asked her "Does that mean you are out of that flavor?"  She said "Yes."  I told her "Good!  I didn't like that flavor anyway."  Her and her co-worker laughed.  Eleanor had a "single" waffle cone with vanilla and strawberry.  I had "triple" waffle cone with vanilla ice cream.  A few minutes later while Eleanor was browsing in the Fair Trade store, I returned to take a photo of the two girls.  One had left on break.  The girl that was still there is from Ireland, and has a beautiful smile.  I said to her "You did such a great job with our ice cream cones, I would like to take your photograph."  She agreed. 

At 2:26pm we were back in our room packing.  Most of the packing was done by 4:20pm.  At 4:52pm we headed out the door and in the direction of the Side Street Cafe, a 6 minute walk away.  They tried to seat us in the front room behind some performers playing guitars and singing.  But it was too noisy, especially in view of Eleanor's hearing problem.  They moved us further back down the hall.  It seemed like this is where they seat families.  It was a lot better.  At least we could hear each other talking.

Our drinks were as follows: Eleanor - water with lemon.  Bill - Peaks Organic Summer Ale.

For dinner, Eleanor had a cup of Lobster Stew and half of a Caesar Salad.  I had a full sized Caesar Salad.

Total cost of the meal came to $33.02 including the tip. 

As we exited the restaurant at about 5:45pm, we bumped into two familiar faces.  It was the Japanese lady and her daughter who we had met earlier in the day on the corner of Wayman Lane and Main Street after walking the Shore Path.  They had purchased a blueberry pie and were headed back to their room to enjoy it.  They thanked us for our suggestions about the Shore Path.

We continued down Rodick Street to Cottage Street.  We did some browsing in some of the stores before returning to our hotel at 6:25pm.

Total distanced walked that day :

Eleanor - 3.22 miles

Bill - 5.04 miles





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Comment by Joan Shearer on August 6, 2013 at 5:56pm

Bill said of Harry at the Bar Harbor Inn, "Sometimes on vacation , we get to meet someone special.  He is one of those special people".  It seems to me that Bill and Eleanor are pretty special themselves as they engage and enjoy folks of all walks of life on their travels.  Thanks for sharing your adventures with the rest of us in such an enjoyable way.  I've always wanted to visit Maine and you have brought it to life. 

Comment by Bill Kover on August 7, 2013 at 10:45am

Thank you Joan


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