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Wow...an early crowd this morning at the Untours Cafe.

I was delighted to get to my desk this morning and see we have got fifteen new members in the Cafe! Yay! There are already some interesting discussions over on the the Forum. Check out Bill Kover's observations on the three columns at the bottom of our entry page, www.untourscafe.com. He isn't sure they work as they are -- some picitures are cut off (and we aren't either, so we would love your opinion.) Pete also has something to say on the subject of "friend requests"...always an interesting issue in this new peer-to-peer environment.

  • When you post pictures, if you know how to send us the smaller versions (for techies 72 dpi, and 300 pixels wide is great, for the not so techie, if your camera or software offers you the option of saving a photo in an email or web version, that's the one we want.) Really big photos take up a lot of space on our servers and are quite difficult to view That being said, if you aren't sure what size your photos are, send me an email by hitting the Help button, or just click the envelope next to my picture on my page (Marilee).
  • Feel FREE to comment, even on little things. We started this with a small group of incredibly supportive and honest people. Pretty much any thing that you notice may be helpful to us. If something seems puzzling, inappropriate or wrong, we want to hear. We know we won't be able to fix everything, but we were very intentional in opening this to a small group, just so that whatever we don't get right, or people feel strongly about, can be addressed before the larger community joins us. We won't actually be able to do everything everybody tells us to, but we are all ears right now.
Great to have you join us, but I gotta run and go see all the cool new pictures that are on the site...haven't even gotten there yet!


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