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August 29th We planned to visit Hug Biscuit and Cookie Company, we took the train to Luzern, changed trains to Willisau. We could not find a bus to take us to the company. However, as we looked around the train station, a woman walked towards us. She noticed we looked "lost" and in need of help. She was right. She was seeing her son off on the train. We looked puzzled, and we asked her about the Cookie/Biscuit company. She offered to drive us to the company, a short distance from the train station. Again, a friendly person helped us out! We took her picture; and thanked her for the ride. When we entered the small cookie/biscuit company store were amazed to see so many cookies and biscuits on display everywhere in the store. All sizes and shapes, so many different favors, to choose from. One cracker that we sampled was Dar Vida-Naturale, this cracker was crispy and delicious; we had bought a package at the Coop, but the price in the Hug store was more reasonable.
We sampled so many cookies however we only bought one large package of butter cookies; it was a good choice.

We took the train back to Luzern; we wanted to visit the statue of the Lion Monument and Glacier Museum. At the train station, we went to the Information Desk and the woman gave us a detailed map of Luzern with the area marked off in red. It was a 25 minute walk along the boulevard and up a few side streets when we came upon the Lion Monument It was so touching and sad; the huge Lion was weeping, as the arrow pierced his body.
The monument depicts the heroic death of the Swiss Guards and (26 officers and over 700 troops) who were killed during an attack on the Tuileries during the French Revolution in 1792. Fred and I stood in awe when we saw the monument..

We walked further along the street to the Glacier Museum. We presented our Swiss pass, and our admission was free, what a plus! We were able to see and listen to an English presentation and slideshow of Luzern, so many, many centuries ago. The presention traced the subtropical palm beach of Luzern from 20 million years ago to the Great Ice Age. It was fascinating to see how the landscape and temperature of Luzern had changed during these years. The slideshow continued on until the glacier was discovered in 1872. An old photo of the discovery was featured in the museum.The museum was under cover, to protect it from wind and rain. As we walked through the area, we saw many excavations. After the show we toured the different areas and displays; we walked up the stairs to see the glacier site. We looked down, and saw mammoth openings in the ground. There were 32 pot holes in Glacier Museum.

The Amreins House was located in the same area and beyond the Museum. It had many rooms with period furniture displayed. After we looked through the Amreins House, we read about the Alhambra Hall of Mirrors and wanted to see it before we returned home. It was fun as we tried to figure our way out of the labyrinth. We bumped into the mirrors many, many times before we finally escaped! Other people were laughing as much as we were. What a lot of fun it was. We hope more and more people would stop in Luzern to see Lion Monument and the Glacier Museum. We took the train back to Meiringen; what a great day!!!

August 30th We went to market day in the morning in Meiringen. It started at 8:00 a.m. and ran until 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. Many different items were for sale, two different cheese tables, coffee, handmade clothes, children’s clothes, handmade greeting cards, and beautiful flowers arrangements plus bakery items, baskets and souvenirs. A young man posed with his young daughter for a picture.

Later took the train to Giswil Castle Festival. It was a hot day, and finally we found the right area. Small white tents were set up in different areas of the festival. Local people were dressed in Swiss costumes. There was another section set up for archery demonstrations, and woodcarving. A woman and man, dressed in colorful costumes, rode their horses through the area. Quite a sight to see!
The climb up to the huge white tent at the top of the hill was very steep, we decided to stayed on the area that was level. The day was sunny and hot we stopped for ice cream. As we headed back to the train we met Shelia and Leon from Colorado, we were leaving and they were just coming to the Giswil Festival. Fred had recently told them about the KWO Hydro Electric Company tour that we had taken in 2006. They were interested in going on this tour. As we boarded the train, we met Ruthie and Harold McLeod, who were also stayed in Meiringen. We compared notes about where we had been and what we had been doing since we last saw them. It was a pleasant ride back to Meiringen. Sometimes you can go days and not see anyone from Untours. Everyone one was traveling on the trains, busses and boats or went on hikes up in the mountains. We arrived home just in time for the 6:00 p.m. Mass at Church.

August 31st We took the train to Brienz and boarded a bus to the Ballenberg West Entrance. We showed our Swiss Rail Pass and again our entrance fee was free. Near the entrance, we noticed a horse drawn wagon. The driver motioned to us to climb in the wagon. Later other people joined us. The two horses climbed up the steep inclines, going higher and higher up the trail. We were so glad we took the ride, as it would have taken us quite a while to reach the last stop. As we got off the wagon, Fred paid the driver 20 swiss francs, that was the charge for the long ride up the steep hill. For us, it was worth the money. Ballenberg is unique, one of a kind, open-air museum. Animals, old houses from the different cantons of Switzerland were moved to this setting in Ballenberg. Some animals roamed around freely, for example hens, and chickens. There was a blacksmith who worked at the forge, he demostrated diffrent tools. Other areas had children's playgrounds, candle making, cheese making plus weaving and even chocolate demonstrations and wood carving. Flower gardens, vegetable gardens and grape arbors were scattered around in diferent areas. After we toured some of the houses and watched a few demonstations it was time for lunch. We stopped at the children's playground area, Some men built small fires to cook their lunch; othr people had packed a picnic lunch. We ate our lunch and watched the children pet the animals, ride the merry-go-round, It was a very interesting day. The walk down the gravel road was much easier than the ride up in the wagon.
We took the bus back to Brienz, and trained to Meiringen. We enjoyed another full and exciting day in Switzerland!

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Comment by Shirley Thornton on October 13, 2008 at 11:00am
Not only do you take great photos - and many! - but you write so well about your experiences Keep up the good work! Shirley in Paradise
Comment by Jean and Fred Agneta on October 13, 2008 at 11:28am
Thanks Shirley, now on to Part Three. Jean and Fred
Comment by Jacki Pounds on March 22, 2013 at 10:01pm
Read your blog Mom. It sounds like it was a wonderful trip!


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