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Some Restaurant Ideas In the Heartland

"A selection of Falken Beer in Schaffhausen"

We rarely make restaurant recommendations as everyone has their own criteria. However, I have three this year that really stand out (and a few tidbits at the end).

The first is an old favorite in Bern. Very pleasant, convenient, consistent, good food and locally popular is the Rathaus Restaurant & Keller, Rathaus 12, at the corner of Kramgasse (main street) just a few blocks from the big clock. If you want to take the trolley down from the station, there is a Rathaus stop. Daily Tagesteller is well priced, except on Saturday when the “swells” come to town. More for adults.

Second is a real find, recommended by Berit Greutert, who loves her coupes (sundaes) Restaurant Jordan, located off the Brunigstrasse in Sarnen—go to the Hotel Krone, walk beside the Krone patio, through the parking lot in the back, and just across the little bridge you’ll see the restaurant. After the Sarnen flood a few years ago, they remodeled the restaurant, adding a glass room off the back, over the rushing river. No smoking—yeah! The food is very good, the menu diverse, including traditional German, pastas, fish, vegetarian, and a wonderful variety of coupes. Definitely child friendly.

The third is in Schaffhausen (we do get around)—love those trains. The Restaurant Falken, Vorstadt 5 (in the pleasant pedestrian plaza) a few hundred yards from the station. The Falken is also located at the Rhein Falls, and you will start seeing their tasty Falken beer in other locations. Inside, at the rear, there is a step-up area, totally non-smoking and comfortable A/C. A wide range of fish here—and well prepared. More geared towards adults.

We should mention how much we love our local Bahnhof Restaurant in Sachseln. Love their Gemischter salads and to counteract the health aspect of these salads, we add an order of pomme frites. What is better than having lunch under an awning of chestnut trees with a cold beer. And, totally child friendly, with the adjacent play area.

We also had a lovely meal at the Hotel Kreuz in Sachseln with Stefan Gretener, a dear friend to many Untourists, and although busy directing trains at the amazing Olten rail center, always has time to answer an Idyllchat question regarding trains/schedules. The Kreuz is very stylish, the kitchen excellent, and has a very diverse menu. You'll note some Asian-fusion here among the traditional selections. Love the cook coming out on the run to front deck to pick some fresh herbs from his pots

Note that I have not mentioned prices. Menu prices are amazingly consistent throughout Switzerland—from the more modest restaurant to the more semi-upscale mentioned above. With the dollar being what it is, the meals above ranged from US$50 to $60 for two—without beer, wine, or soft drinks. Keeping a meal below US$30 at Migros, Coop, Manora, even with a tagesteller was difficult this year. And, why anyone would go to Big Mac and spend US$12. for a meal deal is totally beyond me.

Hope some of you find this helpful. We always appreciate recommendations from the Idyll crowd.

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Comment by Jean and Fred Agneta on July 25, 2008 at 6:17pm
Thanks Joan, we printed out your posting, and will take it with us in August, when we return to Meiringen, we always appreciate good food, and your list has many good restaurants.
It is so nice to share information with the people at the Cafe.


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