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This is actually not going to be one of those New York Times-esque comprehensive travel articles about going to a place. Why? Well, I am feeling super rushed at this internet cafe so I can't compose such a work of art. Also, they don't have wireless and all my notes and pictures are on my laptop.

Some brief notes...

  • Gotta adjust to the pace of life here, it's so different. Slower, everything goes later, stuff closes in the afternoon when it's super hot and not a single person is on the street (but at around 5pm the streets were empty but the beach was full!). It's after midnight now and the sidewalk cafes and restaurants along the harbor are completely full, and not just the 20-30 crowd.
  • I keep getting lost, which is silly since the town is small. I just haven't wandered around enough, but I'll get my bearings soon, I hope!
  • I think I'm going to run out of sunscreen if I keep putting it on as religiously as I have been.
  • I ran into Carmen, the youngest Untourist in Greece right now (a ripe age of 10!), at the Avis office around 1pm. She'd already had 5 scoops of ice cream. My ice cream count at midnight? ZERO.

Here's a short movie from the dinner last night!

Now they're shutting off the lights. 'til next time...

in sunscreen we trust,


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Comment by Jean McCall on July 3, 2008 at 3:39pm
Oh, wow! Nostalgia, nostalgia. Loved Nafplio. Wish I were there.


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