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I and Brian Taussig Lux, my nephew and the COO of Untours recently traveled together for ten days in Europe staying in two of our Untour locations: the Rhine and Vienna. The biking video featured here took place the very day after our arrival in the charming town of Kaub. We rented bikes from a hotel just steps away from our apartment. I knew that the bike trail across the river was much better than the one on our side, so we took our bikes directly to the ferry which would depart momentarily for the left bank of the Rhine We would embark just about one kilometer downstream from Bacharach, a town whose charm is one factor which draws travelers to this area­draws them from all over Europe, and from distant shores too. The barges run regularly between many stations on both sides of the river­run regularly because there are no bridges. Why no bridges? Because they are forbidden by the UN's World Heritage program which has resolved to protect this area from increased automobile traffic--a change which would spoil the peaceful feeling created by the castles and the steep vineyards which line both sides of the river. So we crossed the river to start our 4 hour bike trip to the stunningly lovely village of Bingen, where my wife Norma and daughter Marilee had lived in an apartment during my 1967 sabbatical year in Europe. Though we were biking up-stream, the river's downward flow is so gradual it felt to me as though we were biking on level terrain. And right next to the river! Stunningly beautiful! Barges and pleasure boats distracting us from what might occasionally feel like strenuous exercise. Castles and vineyards hovering over charming villages, the borders of which we skirted. And from Bingen we caught a passenger liner back to Kaub, stopping at all the villages on both sides of the Rhine. The most publicized of all European river cruises is the Rhine cruise, from Amsterdam to Switzerland; and this is the very stretch always photographed to publicize that cruise, Our rail pass covered this cruise for us as we sailed back to Kaub, although we paid a small charge to wheel our bikes on board. The rail pass covers scores of Rhine ships that service the villages in which Untourists stay.

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