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I'm planning to bring three cameras with me on our upcoming trip to Paris: two digital cameras and a camcorder. In addition I will also have a battery charger and portable storage device. All of these come with dedicated electrical cords (A/C adapter, camera to computer connection,etc.). With a multitude of electrical cords in my camera case, things can get a little confusing. Using the wrong A/C adapter cord with the wrong equipment could result in disaster. I used to put a label on each accessory cord identifying which camera it is used for. However, I believe I have come up with a idea that results in instant identification for matching accessory cord to the correct camera.

I purchased some colored electrical tape at the local Home Depot. To each camera and portable storage device, I applied a different color 3/8" x 3/8" square of electrical tape. All the accessories that apply to each piece of equipment received the corresponding color tape. Now when I need to connect the battery charger to the A/C electrical cord, I just have to grab the cord with the matching color.

If you are a shutterbug, this idea may be helpful in preventing a potential disaster.

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Comment by Jean and Fred Agneta on April 2, 2008 at 6:20pm
Great idea Bill, we are only taking 2 cameras, etc, so this advice is greatly appreciated.
Now before we go to Switzerland, I will do the same as you suggested. Green tape on everything pertaining to the particular camera, and use a different color tape for the other camera and accessories!! Thanks again for your suggestion!! Jean
Comment by Bill Kover on April 3, 2008 at 1:11pm
I learned the hard way. A disaster did happen to me! Years ago I was editing a video the old fashioned way (before computers) using a video editor and video titler. The two machines had A/C adapter cords that looked exactly the same. When I plugged in one of the machines, smoke started coming out. I thought the machine malfunctioned. It was still on warranty. So I sent it back to the company. They fixed it, and informed me that I had used the wrong A/C adapter cord. That's the first time I realized my mistake. The more equipment you have, the more careful you haver to be.
Comment by Jean and Fred Agneta on April 3, 2008 at 4:52pm
Now we know why you are speaking from experience. You and El will have a wonderful time in Paris, think of all the photos you will be taking and sharing with us in the Untourscafe after you get back from your month long trip!!! Jean and Fred
Comment by Marlene Hench on April 7, 2008 at 3:00am
Bill, I like your idea. Thanks. I too have used labels attached to each cord but I love the color code instead. We take two digital cameras and two video cameras. On a trip once, Frank's tape got caught in his camera and he ended up sending it in for repair later. Ever since, he brings a backup on our trips. In Rome I lost my good camera in a restaurant three days before we came home. I always have an address label attached to my camera in case I did leave it somewhere but fate would have it, that very day the label came off. C'est la vie!
Have a great trip. Wish I was going back also. Paris was such a fun place last summer! Say Hi to Paris for us! Can't wait to hear about it and see your photos. Bon Voyage, Bill and El!!!!!


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