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Through a Nevada ink cartridge business from which I
purchase "Remanufactured" ink cartridges at a lower
cost than "brick stores" and many "online stores,"
came this bit of news from the owner, Phil.
First a Couple of Side Comments:
My niece, Kristina said that she has been using this GreenPrint
printer at work for a year. Her comments were:
"It's actually pretty good. The program automatically
goes through the document you are trying to print and
finds any blank pages that you can choose not to print.
It also gives you the option to omit any pictures from a
page you're printing."

Let' save our natural resources and download/install
GreenPrint World. Go Green!
:-) Eleanor

This program helps to solve the wasted-page problem.
It automatically detects these unnecessary pages and
eliminates them from your printouts.

GreenPrint inserts itself between your Web browser
(or any other program that prints) and your printer. It
takes the form of a faux printer. You print to this virtual
printer, called GreenPrint, as if it were real. Then, it
analyzes the document, identifies and eliminates wasted
pages, and hands the document off to your actual printer,
which prints it.

GreenPrint also has some other nice features. It can save
any Web page as a PDF file, which can be called up later
in the free Adobe Reader program. It can also show you a
detailed preview of a Web page, or any other document
you're printing, and allow you to manually eliminate pages
from the printout.

Well now, there is a no-cost, ad-suported version called
GreenPrint World. This version has most all of the money-
saving features of the paid version. This version does not
contain adware or any other harmful malicious software.

For $35.00 membership fee, you may obtain a Free
-- No Ads -- version.

Try it now, we have and it works like a charm! - Phil
Check out the tutorial here:

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Comment by Deborah and Donald Wise on February 24, 2008 at 7:01pm
Thanks for the info. As we're trying to use less this would be a great way.
Comment by Eleanor - 'El' on February 25, 2008 at 11:07am
You're welcome. It's a pleasure to do our bit to save this marvelous planet of ours, as well as to save monies in the process.


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