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Like Nancy, whose blog I just read, I do some of my traveling alone because my husband hates to travel. Usually I've just signed on to a tour, but at 68, I'm now considering a more leisurely style. I've been wanting to see the Italian Alpes, but worry about just packing up & going it alone. Any Advice??

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Comment by BrendaF on January 4, 2008 at 11:25am
Are you wanting to hike? Ski? Drive? Sightsee using public transportation or perhaps a one-day guided tour? As a single traveler myself, I'm interested in your topic, but I don't have any direct advice since I usually visit cities when I travel alone. I know that single people have taken the Switzerland Untours and hike alone there -- apparently there are some well-traveled trails which improve one's chances of getting help if needed. They also have the advantage of the wonderful train system. Perhaps another traveler can tell you if the circumstances are comparable in the Italian Alps. Also, some friends of mine planned to take a one-day van tour of the Dolomites when they were in Venice, but the tour was cancelled because it did not have the minimum number of passengers. They were disappointed. If you were hoping to do the same kind of thing, I would advise you to ask the tour service about their rate of cancellations before sigining up with them, and schedule your trip when they are likely to have more passengers. I'll be watching this blog to see if others have some good advice. It would be a beautiful place to visit, if you could be assured that you'd be both safe and able to see and do all that you want. Good luck!


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