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Well, this week has been a busy and exciting one at the Untours office!

First, there was an article about our very own Hal Taussig on the Associate Press newswire (not sure if that's the right term. It was syndicated in many papers, including a full page in the Philadelphia Metro, the Washington Post, and many local papers. MSNBC has a nice picture of Hal with their article.

Then Tuesday afternoon, the local NBC affiliate came to interview Hal, resulting in this news report (a video) which aired right away that Tuesday night and an article on their website (basically a transcription of the tv broadcast). Even CBS got in on the action, although I'm not sure if they showed anything on TV.

On a side note, my college newspaper wrote about Media being a fair trade town and the role that the Untours Foundation played in bringing it about. I suppose that's really only interesting for me :-)

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Comment by Bill Kover on November 29, 2007 at 3:12pm
Powen: Thanks for alerting us. I enjoyed watching NBC affiliate video and reading the articles.
Comment by Eleanor - 'El' on November 29, 2007 at 3:23pm
As soon as I heard Hal's voice, I turned around and watched the video on Bill's computer. I, too, thank you for the heads-up.
After Brian had informed us of the newspaper article, I forwarded that bit of information to many interested people. All replied with comments similar to this one: "What a neat story about an amazing man! Thank you for sharing it." -- Marie Bostwick, Author


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