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Early one June morning, I was awakened by the sound of running water. My husband was in the motel's shower. Ah, I thought, I still have a few extra minutes to catch a couple extra Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z. Moments later, an alarm sounded. Don't tell me he forgot to switch off the alarm. It kept ringing. I guess that I'll have to get up and switch it off.

As I threw back the covers, a flashing light was spotted on the wall across from the bed. Since my eyes still were filled with "sleep," and I didn't have on my eyeglasses, it was a little difficult to focus on the cause of the alarm and flashing light. Finally, I was able to have a clear look, and didn't like the view. A Fire Alarm was the disrupter!

The sound of running water ceased. More than likely, my husband was drying off. It would be easy for him to throw on his shorts, pull on a T-shirt, and slip into some shoes before we made our way of the the room. What should I do? Should I take the time to put on my full leg brace? If I do, should I wear the brace over the tights, or carry out the leggings? I can't leave the brace! It had taken two years to get it adjusted just right. Plus, it was very costly.

Uh-oh! Suppose the hallways were filled with smoke. I would need to crawl to one of the Exits. Let's see, if I recall correctly, there's an Exit to the left of our door, and we would only need to go in a relatively straight line pass six rooms. However, if we turned right, and then another quick right, that Exit was closer. Good thing we were a corner room.

Hmmmmm, maybe if the smoke was heavy and there was a fire in the hallway, it would be better just to break the window. The parking lot was just outside. Ground level does have its merits.

What about my medication? If this section of the motel burned down, I'm sure the doctor and insurance company would honor my request for refills. No time to think about that now.

Too bad, we're staying only one night. Otherwise we would have brought in my motorized scooter to recharge. I could have hopped onto that, placed the leg brace along side me, grabbed some clothes, and scooted out.

Okay, maybe I just should check the door knob to see if it's hot, and if not, take a peek into the hallway for smoke. I grabbed my crutches, and rose from the bed. Then, . . . .

To be continued . . . .

[While you wait for the conclusion, THINK what you might do if you suddenly heard a Fire Alarm sound while on vacation.]

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Comment by Vance Roy on November 28, 2007 at 2:35am
Cliffhanger! I suspect a false alarm.


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