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The Atlanta newspaper has almost scooped me on this, but I have some facts that they missed. This topic was well covered in yesterday’s MGROS weekly, and I knew then that it cried out for a blog.

Yesterday was World Toilet Day. This seems to be a big occasion day in South Korea. I don’t know about the rest of the world. I never heard of this, but in my cloistered life here in CH, who can say that isn’t the norm?

In any event, this South Korean man, Sim Jae-Duck, is the founder of The World Toilet Association. The association is concerned with all toilet problems in the world. They have a few interesting (to me) facts that I am willing to share with this group of travelers who I suspect have been exposed to foreign and domestic toilets. The article is entitled “Where We All Must Go”.

The oriental shaped toilet house that the founder has built cost 1.8 million CHF (2 million US$ with change). You can Google oriental toilets for some pictures. These also look like some Italian heads that I have seen.

Factoid #2 is that 2.6 million people over the world (42% of the world’s population) live without any formal sanitation facilities.

#3 is that 5.3% of all deaths and 6.8% of all casualties from illness occur from poor sanitation hygiene leading to unclean water (cholera, typhus, diarrhea, hepatitis, etc.

Last, but still of interest, is the fact that 8.5 million tons of sewage are produced world wide each day. This is worth 49 million US$ when one considers that the production of only 25 people can produce a cubic meter of biogas which is the basic use in energy of a household each day.

Now, don’t you feel smarter?

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