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Here is our occasional feature, highlighting some of the Best of the Cafe:

  • Our new Help Section:

    Yours truly (Marilee) struggled mightily to write clear instructions on how to upload photos, post a tripblog/story, search for something and other helpful tasks. I used a lot of pictures of the screen, because I am a visual learner....so if you have been meaning to share your trip, but weren't sure how to do it, check out our Help tab. If your question isn't answered, just email me (there's a Help item for how to email within the Cafe!) and I will put a new Help item up there
  • Some neat new features (thanks to Ning, our technical platform): There is a "Latest Activity" function on our Main Page that lets you eavesdrop at other people's tables at the Cafe. It turns out that some of the best stuff going on on the Cafe are the individual conversations going on on individual members pages. Also, you can now sign in just using your email & password(in theory....I haven't tried it) eliminating the need for the Ning ID
  • Bill Kover continues his narrative about he and Eleanor's recent trip to Quebec (the one that he posted all those gorgeous pictures from)...he is going to make me go there yet!
  • Liss Poulson Small and Gabe Small whetted our appetite for Spain with one delicious post with pictures WHILE they were on their trip. It is yummy....the scenery, the desserts, the kisses....all of it. You really should come see the picture of Gabe hand-feeding the wild boars in their backyard (not kidding!) And they just got back and say they have lots of journal entries and photos to post. I LOVE the Spanish Untour...and have often wished people knew how special it was....so kudos to Liss and Gabe for sharing their trip, can't wait to see more
There are several excellent conversations going on this week.
We had about 15 new members join us since the last "Best of" and two of them are especially noteworthy:
  • Marianne Gunther is one of our Untour staff here in Media; she works on the team that handles Germany, Greece, Austria, Prague and Budapest.....and she has been with us for a while, so feel free to ask her questions...here she is in Greece with her daughter.

    • She can't say enough about our staff person,Christos) over there (who gets rave reveiws on Cliffs discussion as well....here is one of her photos of him

  • Rachel Meyer is our NEW staff person for our NEW Untour in Barcelona, Check out her pictures of Gaudi's unfinished cathedral

And speaking of photos and Germany, we had some great new photo additions:
  • Sue PVE 's shots of the Rhine are just as romantic as the place. I love the shot of her and her partner up on the top of the Loreley....and all the other ones she just uploaded

  • Emile ( a recent member) shows off the Castle as it deserves to be....we have some of our most lovely photos on the Cafe that are also of the Castle...it must bring out each photographer's talent.

  • Robert Smith added some nice shots of Switzerland recently...will I ever get tired of gazing at Lake Thun with its backdrop of the Jungfrau range?

    And with that peaceful prospect I wish you a lovely autumn weekend. Thanks for dropping by the Untours Cafe. We love your company.
Best Regards,


P.S: don't forget that a "Best Of" Post from us is always an invitation for others to chime in with their particular favorites....I know several that I omitted ( I am talking to you Vance and Pete) because this is too long already. Why not add a comment on here of your favorites.

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