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Wildflowers From Magisalp Trail

There have been some discussions of wildflowers in the May/June time frame. Here is a photo taken in May from the trail down from Magisalp. I am in the process of making a small quilt, painting the scene on white background fabric, using the photo as a guide. So far, so good.

The flowers may appear to be dandelions, but they are what makes the cheese and schlag taste so good.

So, for any of you on the fence--make your reservations now! May in the Heartland or…


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A Thimble-full of Memories

A Thimble-full of Memories

On our trips, we always save some “serendipity” days. These are unplanned days, often devoted to one of our special interests. In 2006, on a spring day in Sommersdorf, at the Castle,

I requested a visit to the Fingerhut Thimble Museum. Bruce, always up to satisfy my eclectic d adventures into the world of stitching, heads the Peugeot up the Autobahn to the town of Creglingen, off the Romantic Road. The museum is… Continue

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Help from Cafe Experts

I am a Windows user. My "My Page" settings are not those shown in the Help section of the Cafe. This week I prepared a blog in Word, complete with photos and wrapped text. I discovered I could not copy and paste the blog into My Page blog window. I had to re-type the blog and only add one photo, as other added photos appeared at the top of the page, each in the left margin, leaving the text far below. Also, the editing tools in my "My Page" are limited.

Also, I am… Continue

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Bern: The Rosegarten

Breezes chasing fleecy clouds, scattered showers between bright sunshine--what about a trip to Bern to visit the Rosegarten? If it rains, we could always explore the myriad of shops along the arcade, and duck into the webs of passageways. The Rosegarten is a destimation not to be missed by serious gardeners, those who love gardens, and especially those who love roses. It is a photographers dream location, as the view from the Rosegarten, overlooking… Continue

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Untourist SBB Friend Stefan Gretener Comes West!

As a matter of background old-timers recall that friendly,helpful SBB employees staffed rail stations along the Golden Pass line from Luzern to Interlaken. Untourists who lived in Sachseln were fortunate to have met Stefan Gretener and several other friendly SBB staff associates, including Barbara Blatter. We fondly remember their independently created “take-out coffee service”—enjoyed by early morning travelers, and their helpful ideas for… Continue

Added by Joan and Bruce on October 13, 2008 at 1:08pm — 4 Comments

Jodeling and Alphorns--a Perfect Day!

There are only a few days in a lifetime you can describe as perfect. We had one those days on our Heartland trip this year. We were fortunate to attend the Swiss National Yodeling competition held this year in Luzern, over four picture-perfect days. 300,000 people enjoyed the competition, held every three years, and not to be taken lightly. 14,000 competitors compete in yodeling, flag throwing… Continue

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Some Restaurant Ideas In the Heartland

"A selection of Falken Beer in Schaffhausen"

We rarely make restaurant recommendations as everyone has their own criteria. However, I have three this year that really stand out (and a few tidbits at the end).

The first is an old favorite in Bern. Very pleasant, convenient, consistent, good food and locally popular is the Rathaus Restaurant & Keller, Rathaus 12, at the corner of Kramgasse (main street) just a few blocks… Continue

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Quilter's Gem

It is always fun when you are traveling to visit local quilt shops or sewing centers. A few years ago I discovered this wonderful quilt shop in Bern. They were closed twice, but I hit the jackpot this year. Now this is not your ordinary "walk-in" shop. Being located in Bern, it is a "walk-down" shop. The shop is located on the main street under the arcade corridor known as a "rohr" I understand that strolling through the town is to go "rohren"…


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