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Edelweiss in Northern Virginia????


Last fall we planted the seeds we purchased at Migros in Sarnen. They sat under three 25" snows during our unusual (for us) winter and endured a hot dry summer, 67 days over 90 degrees, and now the first of October we have a bloom. Maybe the stem is so long because it is trying to reach the higher altitudes Edelweiss is used to.

Naturally, in our excitement, I took a few more pictures:…


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New Cheese Making Trip a Winner

Monday June 22, 2009

Kudos to Connie Sullivan for finding and starting a new cheese making trip location at Glaubenbielen Jänzimatt out of Giswil. It is operated by a charming family, farmer Adrian Riebli, wife Heidi, and four children, one below school age which we met. We were in the first official trip today. They had a trial run last year but we count as Charter Members I think. It was a good group to go today because the weather was not good to say the least and everyone was… Continue

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The First Three Days to get here

Friday, June 19, 2009 5:53 AM

Our return to the Swiss Heartland is started.

Tuesday 6/16/09 - Since our plane from Washington Dulles does not leave till 6:00pm we should be able to sleep late and have a relaxing day. So, what the heck, we are up and awake at 4:15am!! We are through security and at the gate aout 3:30pm and sitting on the plane by 5:30pm. I had noticed that the last few days the flight to Zurich had been leaving about five minutes early and arriving up to 45… Continue

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Two days to wait before leaving

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Our flight from Washington, Dulles to Zurich leaves at 6:00pm Tuesday and as that time rapidly approaches our memories of what we are going to see soon are looming larger and larger in our imaginations.

Leaving Luzern on the last leg of our train ride to Sachseln

The Sachseln Bahnhof Restaurant

The path to our Home… Continue

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Reading "Heidi" created a dream finally fulfilled

Marian is a friend and neighbor. One evening we were talking about our upcoming trip to Switzerland to start the middle of May 2008. She told us that after reading "Heidi" at nine years old she had two dreams. One was to have a daughter named Heidi, which she does, and the other was to actually visit Switzerland which she had not. We told her that she could come along with us when we go. We were staying in Chalet Berit and Studio Albert was available so it would all work out great. So that is… Continue

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First attempt so will get started

All over the world Bloggers are Blogging and Twitterers are Tweeting so I thought we should try our hand at joining the noise. At least this is a site where we can talk about one of our favorite subjects and leave notes about a trip we are on or some trip in our past.

We are now only 12 days from getting on United flight 936 non-stop from Washington Dulles to Zurich to start our four week stay at Chalet Berit in Sachseln. It will be the usual warm and happy feeling when we step off… Continue

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