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Ciao Everyone,

Thanks to a dear friend in Ireland who shares my love of Venice I have a new Venice book. It's "Secret Venice" by  Thomas Jonglez and Paola Zoffoli.

It is not for the Venice novice as it doesn't cover the usual sights but it is lovely for off the beaten track such as the market of the Women's Prison on Giudecca where on Thurday mornings between 9 and 10am locals queue to buy the fresh fruit and vegetables for sale from the prison's garden.

The book is full of photos and interesting tidbits and instructions on how to gain entry to various gardens and cloisters and other points of possible interest that you won't find in your usual books (I don't think even Rick Steves has found some of these back doors).

It will definitely be packed for my next visit which, sadly, will not be until December of 2012.


Just thought I would share this lovely little book with the Venice lovers.



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My mailman wonders why I'm hanging around the mailbox every day! It's not because I have a thing about him, I'm waiting for that book to arrive. I've got a whole new set of highlighters ready to go!




My only complaint is the pages are slick...you may want to use those little post it tabs instead. Not sure a highlighter will work.

Actually the slick pages (which make for great photos) make it hard to read in artificial light. Not bad for those of you in the height of summer in Australia but for me here in Seattle...well, I have to wait (and wait and wait) for a sunny weekend.




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