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My husband and I will be leaving for our Untour in Tuscany on September 21. We have loved reading all your comments about Montalcino. I love good wine and have read about Brunello, can't wait to taste it. We also love exploring and learning about the history of everywhere we visit. Any further comments about Buonconvento, the Donella apartment, etc. would be of greatly appreciated. I have read that our hosts do not speak English and we don't speak Italian but I'm trying to learn as much as I can before we go.

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You will have a great time. We wrote a tripblog - its on the web site, Tuscany South - Spring 2004 (John and Barbara)
We had a great time - we really planned what we were going to do before we left, that way we did not have to spent a lot of time deciding what and where we wanted to go. We had a couple of changes, but overall it worked well for us. The two restaurants we mentioned in our tripblog were our favorites, I realize it was 2004, and I hope they are still there. We did not drive a long distance, there were enough small towns nearby that we visited and enjoyed without spending a large amount of our trip in the car. Assisi was our longest and the Chianti Trip, both were well worth it. When you go on your trips and have the opportunity to stop at the many winery's for a sample - decide now who is going to drive and who is going to sample - no arguing in front of the merchants. We had a great time and I know you will.
My friend and I stayed in the Donella apartment in June 2009. It is an absolutely wonderful place. The apartment has the charm and quaintness we were hoping for, but be warned that the kitchen is very small.

Even though the hosts don't speak fluent English, we easily communicated with them. They went out of their way to help us, even driving into Buonconvento to rescue us when our car broke down and returning us to the train station there the next morning so we could go to Florence to pick up a new car.

The driveway up to the farm is very steep and narrow with a big curve half-way up. Beware of Italian drivers speeding down the drive.

Although we visited many of the standard tourist areas of Tuscany, we enjoyed the local flavor of the small towns in the immediate vacinity. Exploring those small towns was much more memorable for us than visiting the more popular tourist areas.

Each day as we returned to the farm, we expressed continued wonder at the beauty of the area and the serenity of our Tuscan home.

Enjoy your time at La Cononica!
You'll love it - we were there in Sept./Oct. 2004, at the Pergola apt., during grape harvest, which was lots of fun to watch. We visited lots of wineries and the ones which I remember the best are Altesino,Donatella Cinelli Colombini and Castello Banfi. We also enjoyed the little town of San Quirico d'Orcia, not touristy at all. Also took a weekend off and drove to the coast and spent two nights in Castiglione della Pescaia at the Hotel Miramare. Their dining room has great food and they're all very friendly.
With my limited Italian and my husband's Spanish, we had no language problems at all.
My wife and I are going to Tuscany on the 29Th and will be down the road at murlo.
Hi Eleanor, we are Tuscany lovers and have traveled with Untours twice to Southern Tuscany and once to the North. Also to Provence in 2002. We are leaving for a trip to Tuscany on September 27, 4 days in Rome then on to Montalcino but not with Untours this time. You will love the area. Have you read Vanilla Beans and Brodo by Isabella Dusi? She is a resident of Montalcino by way of Australia and I think you would enjoy her thoughts about the town, the people and the culture. Amazon will have it in your mailbox in under a week I am sure. Have a great time.



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