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I will be staying in Montalcino in late April and early May with my niece.  I am disabled although not in a wheelchair. Yet, I cannot walk long distances and cannot stand in place for more than a few minutes. I do use a cane for some walking and I am thinking of taking what is commonly called a "Buddy buggy" with me.  This is a four-wheeled walker with a built-in seat so I can get around (at least on relatively flat ground).  I am also wondering if it is possible to rent a scooter (and I don't mean a Vespa) while in Florence for touring museums, etc.


I would appreciate any advice and input, especially from anyone with similar disabilities who has toured Tuscany.  We are also extending our trip by five days and will be staying in northeastern Italy in Udine.  We are planning to spend at least one day in Venice and are considering driving into Slovenia and Croatia.  Has anyone else traveld with disabilities to Venice?  If so, I'd love your feedback.


Thanks so much,


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You will have a very difficult time in Venice, constantly getting in and out of boats and up and down stepped bridges over the canals, not to mention the cobblestone pavements.   Have you considered staying on the mainland and doing an escorted boat tour of Venice instead?


Montalcino is very hilly.  Please instead consider Pienza, which is smaller and FLAT!  

Dear A. Key,


Thanks for your excellent recommendation about traveling around Venice.



Dear Judy

I don't have specific answers to your questions.  But, I must say that I admire your determination to live life to the fullest inspite of physical challenges.

Italy ( Europe in general) is a challenge to people with dissabilties mainly because of its  terrain, age and accesability.


There is a web site that I believe would help you with your specific questions.  Here it is www.slowtrav.com  I know there is a slow traveler who addresses your challenges on the Italy forum.  Hope this helps.  Good luck and you will love Italy.

Dear Michele,


Thanks for your kind words and for your recommendation of the website.  I will certainly check it out now.  It's the best link I've heard of so far.  I want to see what I can in Italy and will do as much as I can.




I made a mistake the web site is www.slowtalk.com   sorry :(.  Please respond if you have a problem. It is a wonderful site just like our Untours Cafe !!!!!



Thanks for the additional information.  I haven't checked out the new website yet but did look at www.slowtrav.com briefly last night and it also appears to be very helpful!  Will be able to look at the second site later today.  I appreciate your follow-up with me.





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