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We are planning our first trip to Europe and will be driving through Florence and Tuscany. Is there a reference we can retrieve for some basic driving instructions? Such as are there traffic lights and if so are they the same colors as the US (red,yellow,green)? Is there a graphic of street signs such as right turn ahead, yield or stop? We realize that the speed limits will be in kilometers. We see in some blogs that individuals have found the maps that include the smaller roads and towns very helpful. Is this type of map still part of the untour package that arrives before we leave? Any other additional information you think would be helpful for diving in Italy would be much appreciated.

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Hi Joseph,

I've been catching up on my Untours reading and ran across your comment (and many others) about driving in Tuscany. We are planning our trip for September 09 and will also be adding time after the Untour to see Rome. You spent 2 nights there. What hotel did you stay at and was 2 days enough to enjoy Rome?

Also, I assume you drove into Rome from Tuscany. Was it a hassle?

Finally, how did you get from the hotel to the airport? I read that it costs $60/person for a taxi and $14/person for the train.

I am sorry, forgot to mention that we had already made trips to Florence, Piza and Rome, years before. You are right you need to spend more time in those places. Regardless if we had not made the trips to Florence and Rome, I still would not have driven for hours and spent minutes at those places. It needed another tour. TS was a great trip and we didn't want to spend most of our time driving.
Forgot to mention that we had already visited Florence and Rome in past trips. But to tell you the truth, I don;t think traveling to Rome or Florence on the Tuscany tour is the way to do Rome or Florence. Those are two places that need more time than just driving up and back even to see David is worth it.
We took the train from Rome to Salerno, (near Pompei) and picked up a rental car there and then proceeded to spend the next three weeks driving to Pompei, Napoli and through Abruzzo,to a little town by the name of Scanno and then found our way to Lucca (L'Aquila, Terni, Perugia, Sinalunga,Siena, San Gimignano,Pisa) to see some relatives in Ripafrata (South West of Lucca) then to Firenze, and through the mountains to Ravenna and then up the Coast to Venice. After Venice we drovve to Verona, Brescia and finallly to three days in MIlano and then home.
We had never driven in Italy before and it was a breeze. Watch out for the crazies who pass on curves...(No kidding) and most towns infroce parking rules strictly. Otherwise you will get used to the narrow roads easily as well as the signals and other signs. There are more of them there than in Califonia.
Have a great trip
Ed Jose
Lafayette, CA



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