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After having a wonderful Untour in the Heartland we are thinking of trying the Ticino region next year.  How is the hiking in this area?  Recommendations on your favorite places to stay.  We are thinking of going late Sept/early Oct.  is the weather good then?

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Ticino canton is a good companion piece to The Heartland, I think. The hiking is more like walking, I think, and there is ample opportunity in Lugano around the lakeside up high, only 30 minutes, but beautiful and it was hike-enough for me! You can take a bus part way upside one of the highest points in Locarno, to a church and a convenience spot for refreshments like CocaColas or caffe's. You can hike down either side and complete your visit by bus but we didn't get to do all that. I personally loved the funicular ride up to Madonna della Stasso Church (which is not open). The view is spectacular and the restaurant there has a good glass of chianti for only 3.50CH. I really enjoyed Ticino as it offered an "Italian flavor" to our sampler, very different I thought. We especially enjoyed the trains into Domodosola, and into Como. Lake Como is a most beautiful spot to spend the day. You can take a bus around to Bellagio and then the boat back to Como for the train ride back to Locarno. We enjoyed the Piazza Grande in Locarno every evening with wine and/or pizza and band concerts. The weatlher second week in September was great; it only clouded up the day we had to leave (although we were welcomed into Locarno in a medium rain shower that ended that evening. We understood it had rained all that day.
Thanks, appreciate your input.



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