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After many years I am coming back to the area my wife and I enjoyed so much years ago. This time I am bringing the lady my wife told me to find before she passed away. I am sure she will be as delighted as my wife was with this part of Switzerland. We loved the lake boats, the bus trip to Grindlewald, the Aare Schlute, the wonderful Swiss cows, the bakeries, the Swiss people and the Reichenbach falls, the hotel at Geisbach, the trains and lifts and all the many beautiful mountains. My days of skiing down from the Piz Gloria above Murren or from First above G.Wald and below the Matterhorn are over. But there are still the many many pleasures of sipping a fine wine, a cup of Gluwine, a little strudel and a Nusstorte. Enjoying the easy walking on the Wanderwegs and the fun of showing a first time visitor the Heartland and Oberland area and the way Untours has perfected taking a vacation with them. Here, near the Mexican border I sitwith a Margarita raised in salute to Hal Tausig and the Gang. Two questions? Does Heidi's bakery still exist with the world's best Nusstortes? Has anyone who stayed at Gerbers 3rd Floor Apt have any suggestions or comments? We are scheduled for mid May there. Ed Murphy, ab7bn1@me.com Yuma, AZ 85365

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We will be in Meiringen in June-July. Wondered if we need hiking boots or will Merrill walking hikers work? What about getting walking sticks over in our carry-on?

Not sure about sticks, do they fold up to fit in luggage? If not buy new ones in Switzerland to impress your hiking buddies when you get hack.......or take them a bottle of pear Schnapps! You will LOVE the area !!!!!

I believe that Newell would be fine wearing walking hikers for most of the day hikes. If you plan to carry a pack then you might need boots. I hiked extensively in the Swiss Alps with my Lowa walking/hiking shoes. My favorite hike is the Mountainview hike to Murren. It sort of parallels the Grandfathers walk but at slightly higher elevation. Actually, it is my favorite trail to hike in Switzerland. The trail is a bit difficult at first as you climb up the mountain but the reward is a series of spectacular meadows which should be full of blooming wildflowers and alpenrose during late June. Make sure to carry water with you and a hearty appetite for the many great dining possibilities in Murren. My family has decided to hike the Alps this summer out of Innsbruck Austria. We are all looking forward to the experience. Happy Travels to All.

We will be in Meiringen in September 2014 for two weeks. We have the Gerber middle and our friends have the Gerber upper. This is our second stay in Meiringen. We love that town as a base for our day trips and explorations of our favorite European country. If Edward Murphy or any any other Untourists can post their impressions of the Gerber lodgings I would appreciate it. Thank you. gbeller@comcast.net



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