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My husband and I will be in Sacheln at the Britschgi chalet from mid-May to early June. We've read all the suggestions in the hiking and dream book and just want a few "not to miss" pointers from previous "untourists" to this region.

Thanks. Cindy and Paul

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Congratulations on your choice of the Hearland and of Sachseln which we consider our home away from home. I will give you our opinion of a few things we feel no one should miss. You can get some idea of what we like by visiting my Untours Cafe site at http://untourscafe.com/profile/BillandMargeHill and looking at the full list of videos slide shows.

1. The Grandfather's Walk from Grütschalp to Mürren. We think is important to do it in that direction because then you are always facing those beautiful mountains the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. Halfway is  a restaurant that gives you a nice break to stop for a lunch, a beer, or a great desert. But for the meal I would opt for the restaurant on the edge of the cliff in Mürren near the cable car to the Schilthorn. If you want to go there check the live video in the station first. It can cloud up fast.

2. Brienz is a nice little town and the Steinbock a restaurant we like.

3. It may be a little early to go to Schönbüel out of Lungern but if you can and get up the trail a ways it a beautiful view of Lake Briez and the town. The small Restaurant Bahnhof at Lungern is outstanding.

4. The Giessbach Hotel and Falls are a short boat or bus ride from Brienz and are well worth the trip.

5. The Woodcarvers Trail is very interesting and a lot of nice scenery but check the bus schedule closely.

6. Take the lifts from Meiringen or Reuti to Planplatten. You will know you are in the Alps for sure.

7. On a day when the mountains are not clear, get on the boat at Luzern and ride 3 leisurely hours to Brunnen.

I said a few and then did not stop, but I will now. Like I said my video shows tell it better and I am sure you will get many wonderful suggestions. We will be in Sachseln June 5 for a month again. Love it. Good luck to you.

Thank you so much for your very helpful suggestions. I will definitely add them to our folder of tips we've received from relatives who have been to Switzerland. It looks like you will be arriving in Sachseln the day we depart. Thanks again.

I have thought of a couple more trips that we always enjoyed that are not in the mountains. You will have to study the train schedules or better yet, go to the Sarnen station which is maned and ask for a printout of a schedule to go from Sachsseln to Einsiedeln and Stein am Rhein. Located in Einsiedlen is a magnificent cathedral with a black Madonna. Stein am Rhein is a town with many painted buildings. Check out both on myswitzerland.com. A nice return trip from Stein am Rhein is to catch a boat going down the Rhein River and get off at Schaffhausen another nice city to visit. Do you quickly get the feeling that two weeks is not nearly enough time and that a few return trips are greatly desired? I will be anxious to hear your comments after you return. Oh, just had another thought - at the Brünig station is a great antique store.

Thank you once again for some more great suggestions. Yes, I can see that two weeks won't be enough to see and do everything that has been recommended. I think it's fair to say that this has happened on nearly all of our trips. I will definitely post our comments upon our return. By chance are you staying at the same Untours home - the Britschgi chalet? We are looking forward to meeting the owners because they have received much praise from previous untourists, many of whom have returned several times.

We stayed for two weeks at Thun, in September, 2007. Used buses, trains, boats for our travel. Boats are fun...

Anything in the Lauterbrunnen Valley is wonderful... Enjoyed gondola ride and lunch at The Schilthorn, of James Bond fame. Walk to Grimmelwald was nice.

Untours arranged a day trip to Riederalp to view the south side of the Aletsch Glacier.

Day trips to walled city of  Murten and Roman settlement of Avenches was nice. also Bern, Lucerne, and Montreaux on Lake Genova.

At Brienz, try to take the bus to Ballenberg and its collection of Swiss buildings.

There is a long, steep trail in the Kanderstag Valley... Great time!!! Neat gorge to hike through.

Wanted to make it to Lichenstein, but it was too far away...

Our next trip to Switzerland is this coming  May/June, part of a Salzburg/Ticino sampler...


Any thounghts suggestions, helpful...


Susan and Milton



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