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I'll be spending the week of June 10 - 17 in Paris with my two teenage granddaughters and we're excited! I'm curious to know if there will be any other families with teenagers there at the same time. Also, the twelve year old will celebrate her thirteenth birthday while we're there so I'd like to plan something very special for her (as if being in Paris on your birthday isn't special enough!) I'd love any ideas you experienced untourists may have.

Merci (we have a way to go learning some basic French!)

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The Bateaux Parisien Lunch cruise would be a great way to celebrate her birthday. When we were there last May, we were able to make reservations via our laptop. If you can afford it, go for the Premier section. You sit at the uncrowded front of the boat with better views and enjoy violin music while you dine. The hords of people usually are in the cheaper sections. Here is their website:


The following are two short videos from our lunch cruise:


Here's a tip we learned while in Paris. During the day when leaving say "Bonne journee! Aurevoir!" (phonetically: Bone shur nay, aahv waa), which means "Have a nice day! goodbye!". In the evening say "Bonne soiree! Aurevoir!" (phonetically: Bone swaar aay aahv waa), which means "Have a nice evening! Goodbye!".

While leaving our apartment, a lady said the first phrase to us. When she realized that I didn't understand, she translated to English. We later learned the evening version of the phrase. From then on we said those phrases when leaving a shop, etc depending on the time of day. You would not believe the pleased reaction you get from the locals. Learn some simple phrases before going. I made up index cards with the phrase in English and the phonetic French version below it. Even when we were already in Paris, I kept those French phrase index cards in my pocket to refresh my memory.
Aren't you lucky! Paris in June and seeing it along with two young people full of life!
. We went there in June 2007 and celebrated my husband's birthday and our 39th anniversary while we were there. It was the best 2 weeks!!!

I have the perfect idea for birthday girl's special day......Grevin Wax Museum in the Montemartre district. Madame Tousseau's Wax Museum is one of the best in the world and sooooooooo much fun for any age. We went on a whim on one of our last days and it turne out to be a most fun time. What I like about it is that you are allowed to take photos eveywhere and intermingle with the wax figures for these pictures. If two 60 year olds (who act like teens sometimes) can have so much fun then just think what real teens will experience. Plan on spending a few hours there. It is located right up the street from Kim Paschen's (Untours staff) favorite crepe place Cafe de Monde (Name translates to something like Best Crepes in the World). It was worth the stop there too for lunch. Yum!
At the Museum make sure you have charged batteries in your camera and lots of room on your camera chip because believe me you will take lots of fun pictures.
I just checked and find that I never posted pictures in my photo section of the Grevin Museum yet. I will try to do that in the next week or so for you and let you know when I do.

If Parisien lunch boat ride is too much, consider a plain boat ride without the food and if that seems expensive, try the Batobus which goes up and down the Seine with several stops to drop off and pick up passengers. I believe you can can actually get on and off with your day ticket, Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Believe me ANYTHING you do in Paris will be special!!! Have fun! More questions? Don't be afraid to ask.
Oh, Invest in a "Paris Streetwise Map" thru Amazon. It was so easy to get around the metro and other trains with it.

I don't speak French, My husband a little but any time you at least try to say a French word to them they are so pleased so learn a few words.
Made a mistake in the name of the crepe place (guess I was still in New Orleans in my mind). The name of the Crepe Place that Kim suggested was Aux Meilleures Crepes de Paris. It is located right down the street from the Grevin Wax Museum and is on Grands Boulevards,

I just posted pictures of the Grevin Wax Museum on my page. Click on "My Albums" to view them. Be sure to click on the pictures so that you can read the descriptions of the photos as well as the titles. Hope you enjoy them.



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