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"Walking" to the Le Navigator Restaurant on your computer

I've previously posted information regarding the following site: www.mappy.com. For those who will be meeting Joanna for the orientation meeting at the Le Navigator Restaurant, you can make a test walk using this site. If you enter Place Saint-Michel, Paris, you will get the following : http://www21.mappy.com/sid4K329Ne9fbfMn21w/CFGMA?poi_rr=1&poi_r...
Now click on the photo in the lower left. A new screen will appear.
Just click ahead of the arrow down Quai Saint Michel and follow the directions to the Le Navigator Restaurant.
The blue circle in the lower right with arrows can be used to move the arrow or change the direction of the arrow.
The final destination (Le Navigator) can be seen by typing in the address: 63 rue Galande, Paris, France. Click on the photo for a larger version. You also have a second view as well as the option to see the surrounding buildings.

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We used the orientation meeting and later the Paris supper as an excuse to "find our way" and left early with a general idea of where we were going. Just using our Paris Metro map. It was fun and in fact we did manage to get to both event with some time to spare. We just enjoyed exploring. We loved Paris and will return some day for another two week stay!
We plan to explore Montorgueil and do some preliminary food shopping before making our way down to the Navigator Restaurant.



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