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My Name is Linda Lavalle and I am a licensed NYC SIghtseeing Guide.  I am a local expert for
Untours in New York City and am open to answer questions and share suggestions for you to
research on your own.  Also, here, I would like to list general tips for people visiting NYC.

 At this
time I will be brief and say that when traveling in and visiting NYC it is a unique and exciting
experience to visit one of our outer boroughs. European, Asian and other world travelers make
the outer boroughs a stop when visiting NYC.   Often, we think that Manhattan has the most
to offer, but think again.  The outer boroughs offer some adventures you will have no where else
and can be more accessible and less expensive in general.  The outer boroughs are where the
majority of Native New Yorkers live, and they commute by bus subway commuter rail or car into
Manhattan every day to work--hence the rush hour.  It isn't just people rushing from one end of
the island to the other or from the east side to the west side, it is people rushing from New Jersey
via bridge and tunnel--subways from Queens brooklyn, bronx, ferry from Staten Island, all
converging in Manhattan--often the largest part of a subway line is actually in one of the outer
boroughs, passing through Manhattan, with destinations further out and originations further out.

In fact, there are many exciting nature destinations, parks, and national landmarks, just outside
Manhattan's door.  Traveling from Manhattan to another borough also reminds us that Manhattan
is an island, with an exciting coastline, one that is under hot debate right now, as ocean levels
are rising and engineering projects are experimenting and researching ways to expand the city
while maintaining quality of life, natural habitats, and expanding the city into the water. 

I have not yet mentioned any specifics, so check back when I will post  some information
about visiting Brooklyln, New York City, USA.


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