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Is it worth the trouble to order online the tickets to the Van Gogh Museum with the Bus ticket. You don't seem to save any money but is it more convenient?

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I can't really speak to the on/off bus ticket. We walked everywhere in Amsterdam plus your strippenkart (bus tickets) works there so you can use public buses. In addition, Marike's tour of Amsterdam, part of your Untour, takes you very near the Van Gogh museum and we just went there after her tour. We had a wonderful time and will try to answers any other questions you might have,but we really can't answer this one.
Don and Debby Wise
Hi Debby: I have a trip booked to Holland for June 19 for two weeks. It will be my daughter a friend and myself. We have never been to this destination, as I am an Italy and France lover. Any tips/ideas that you can share? Thanks Kathy Raines
Hi Kathy,
We loved Holland. If you are going on an Untour, Leiden is a great town. The apartments are 2 minute or less walk to the bus stop although we walked to the train station every day. Leiden has lots of museums along with the almshouses (hidden courtyard housing open to the public) and great streets to walk.

We especially enjoyed taking the bus (the bus stop across the street from the stop going to the Central Station) to Gouda (about an hour). It has an absolutely beautiful town hall. We also enjoyed The Hague where we saw "The Girl With the Pearl Earring". If you would like to read our triplog dated August, 20007, and then write with specific questions we would love to answer them. Have a wonderful time. We just got back from Paris/Rome/Florence Untour and are trying to get our triplogs together.
Hi Kathy,
I have a one week trip booked to Holland starting June 16. I'm 62 and retired and I'll have two of my granddaughters, ages 12 and 14, with me. I've been to several other European countries (not with Untours though) but It's my first time to Holland and my first Untour. Then we're going on to Belgium for a few days to connect with family. I imagine we'll see you at the apartment.

I've been reading two guidebooks that give me lots of ideas of things to do and places to go in Holland -- Rick Steves' "Amsterdam, Bruges & Brussels" and Eyewitness Travel's "The Netherlands" -- both of which I bought at Barnes & Noble. The people at the Untours 800 # have also been very helpful in guiding me to websites for answers to my questions.

Pat Seddon
This reply may be too late for your trip, but just in case here it is.

We went to The Netherlands with Untours, but it was off season so we didn't get the tour that Debby Wise refers to. We did, however, follow Rick Steves directions and take the tram to the Rijksmuseum and nearby Van Gogh Museum. It was very convenient and not a problem. I'm not familiar with the hop on and hop off canal bus.




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