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My wife and I are going to Alsace on June 10th. This is our first untours trip. We have been to Alsace before although not for long and we loved it. We would love to hear from anyone who has been on the untour to Alsace recently. Any feedback on what to see or places to eat or anything else would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps some feedback from anyone going to Alsace at the same time we are would also be nice.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Joe and Sue

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Thanks for the reply. We are staying in Beblenheim which is further south than where you seemed to be staying. However, it is a short drive. The last time we were there we bought some munster cheese and my wife loved it. It is very different from what you would get in the United States. My wife also has relatives in Frieburg so we plan on going there also. We made tarte flambees a while ago to give it a try. While I doubt that it was real Alsatian, it was very good. We will try a real Alsatian one when we get there.

This is a wonderful area to visit. We stayed in Bergheim last September and absolutely loved it. The little towns are so pretty and the flowers are outstanding. The people are friendly and we, who are antiquers, had a ball. We found little antique shops in Chatenois- ones that have been featured in magazines, with all kinds of great antiques. Of course, we had to purchase an extra suitcase to get all of our finds home, but that was fine. Another exquisite exhibit that we happened to find was the INTERNATIONAL QUILT SHOW. This was held in several little towns- starting at Marie Aux Mines- not far from Ribeauville. There was a bus to take you to the different places- you got on and off as you needed. This was like no quilt show that I have ever seen. It was magnificient- quilts from all over the world. Threy were for sale - some from as far as Japan. There was a huge tent in one of the towns - had everything in it that you needed for any kind of quilting, including fabric, threads, patterns, etc. This was a wonderful experience and we even saw some dealers from our home state of Pennsylvania. I don't know how often this event occurs but it is something to ask about if you are in the area. We had a wonderful time.



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