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My husband and I have only traveled abroad once, to Prague (on an Untour) for our honeymoon in 2001.  Since our 10th anniversary will be next year, I'm considering another Untour, but I'm fairly stumped as to where we should go.  We are really only available to travel in the summer, we love cities (and food), and have no problems exploring places on foot.  We also have to be mindful of our spending, and can't totally blow our budget!  So. . . I'm turning to the experts for some advice here.

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We have done the Provence Untour and totally loved that area. We stayed in Pernes Les Fontaine and had a car. Not overly expensive if you don't shop too much!
Our first Untour was Holland. It is cooler in the summer than some places, it has some great cities (and museums are everywhere). Walking, taking buses, riding bikes and taking the train are the modes of transportaion. There is not much Dutch cuisine except for Pannenkoken (sp?), pancakes, but there are many restaurants especially Indonesian. It tends to also be a bit less expensive than some of the other major areas, i.e. Paris, Rome, etc. We posted a triplog on Holland on this website that might give you a few more ideas. We also posted in Paris, Rome and Florence. We'd be glad to answer specific questions about any of those locations.
A second vote for Paris. It's a wonderful place for an anniversary trip.
We did the Holland Untour in June and I loved this country. People asked me why I wanted to go there before I left and now I say...why not? Beautiful country and with the rail pass travel is so easy.
I can't argue with Deborah and Kathy. Holland is also a great place to visit and it might be a bit cheaper then Paris. With the rail passes it makes it very easy to get around and Leiden is a wonderful home base.



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