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Up on Planplatten after cheese making.
Meiringen - to see the parade of cows come down from the Alps.  To taste the crisp fall air and savor the harvest.

ANYWHERE !!!!  How can one select A place?  All are wonderful. At various times of the day depending on my mood I think I would like to be on a lake boat, then another time in Zermatt, but the mood changes to one in which I wish I was walking the wanderweg near Brunig. Looking out the window as the cog wheel train climbs to the Brunig Pass. The mood changed and now I want to be in the autobus going from Meiringen to Grindelwald. If I get hungry I think of the delightful  fun crossing the covered bridge in Lucerne to the Iris Pub in Lucerne. No one place but rather everyplace in Switzerland. However the best place is boarding the train leaving the airport where I arrived in Switzerland to begin another fantastic few weeks in the most beautiful and enjoyable spots in the world. My second choice? perhaps leaving Switzerland as I go to my next untour location along the Rhine or in the Italian Lake Country, or to Austria, or, or..................



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