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Hi: I am currently in the planning stages for a trip with Untours to Holland in mid June. However, many of the posts talk about the rain and chilly weather. Has anyone visited at that time of the year or have knowledge of the weather? Does it rain a lot in June there? Thanks

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We went to Holland in late April. The weather was pleasant, but a bit cool. I'm sure it would be warmer in June, but not temperatures you are used to in summer. I see you are from SC. You will definitely think it is cool. I'm a Southerner, too, and we have thin blood!
We were there June 3-10 this year. It was cool (50's) and gray and rained each day. It was a good trip but we had expected more inviting weather. We saw the sun peak out once or twice during the week. Our Untours host told us that the weather had been warmer and sunny the previous few weeks. Take your raincoat!
I will definitely pack an umbrella and raincoat! Thanks to all for all of the information that you have shared.
I lived in Holland 7 years, and can tell you that the weather is extremely variable. One June week it was quite hot (this is very rare).It can be cool, windy and rainy anytime during the year. There is no prediction of the weather in The Netherlands. Be prepared for rain! But there is so much to see and do and enjoy within a very short distance. I never let the weather detract from activities - both indoor and outdoor.




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