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Do you know of any Untour opportunities for people who have mobility issues and uses mobility scooters?

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My wife, Eleanor, and I have been on 4 Untours (Swiss Heartland 2002 & 2004, Paris 2008 & 2010).   Eleanor uses crutches as well as a wheelchair and scooter when needed.  For our trips to Europe, we have brought along the wheelchair.  I was able to collapse and carry the wheelchair onto the trains in Switzerland.  In 2004, the Swiss trains were already becoming equipped with wheelchair lifts.  They also had mechanical lifts.  In Paris it was a little more difficult.  The Metro lacks elevators except for certain stations.  The buses are much more wheelchair friendly.  They have a section in the center for wheelchairs and baby carriages.  We found the buses much easier to use with a wheelchair.  A first floor apartment is preferable because the elevators (lifts) are small.  We called them "kissing lifts" because we could only fit in together if we were face to face, nose to nose.  Our apartment in Paris in 2010 was on the 5th floor.  To get the wheelchair up and down in the lift, I had to remove the wheels and send the wheels and chair down in separate trips.  I recommend using a chair with inflatable tires to soften the ride for the person in the chair as well as the wrists of the helper pushing the chair, especially if you encounter cobble stones.  I have posted a day-by-day detailed blog covering 20 days of our 28 day 2010 Paris Untour as well as a number of blogs which include comments on accessibility: http://untourscafe.com/profile/BillKover.  My postings will give you an idea of some of the problems we encountered while on an Untour.  Keep in mind that there is always an Untour person on site just a phone call away if you need help with any problems.  This link will provide more information on accessibility in Paris (although I don't know how undated it is): http://www.accessinparis.org/ 


How kind of you to reply to my posting and all the very valuable information you have provided.  I get a distinct feeling that you also enjoy traveling.  I need to build up enough courage to start going out again - my mind wants to and now I need to find the means to cope with my disability.  I will read all your detailed blog.  

Thanks again my friend.

Chandra Majumdar



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