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As the editor of the 2010 Untours catalog, I am so excited to get to work! This is because the first part of the job is hearing Untourists' accounts of their trips and going "ooh, ooh!" at all your pictures. We've always featured content from Untourists in previous catalogs, but this year we're stepping it up and asking people who have experienced an Untour to help us explain why it's an unbeatable way to travel.

What's happened to you on an Untour that couldn't have happened on a package tour? What unexpected hospitality welcomed you? What goals did you accomplish on your trip? What crazy coincidences occurred? What new friends did you make? What life lessons did you learn? What new flavor did you taste? What sunset did you see? What made you just so happy to be alive?

Please share your story with us here before May 6, or email kate.duncan(at)untours.com - you may find your tale featured in the 2010 Untours catalog. If you've already posted something on the cafe or in a trip log on our website, feel free to just send a link directing our attention to it. Don't worry about the length or style, we'll take care of that!

We can't wait to read these!

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In October 2007, I traveled with 2 girlfriends to Italy for a Rome/Umbria sampler. We had the best times of our lives.
From the power going out in the middle of the night and having to go down creepy stairs to creepy medieval closet to throw the circuit breakers, to getting lost on the 116 electric bus and ending up in the deserted bus station in Rome, to standing in the Sistine Chapel in awe, to seeing so many art masterpieces that we will never forget, from shopping in local markets and cooking Italian style, to roaming little villages, to seeing a spectacular sunset in Trevi, drinking the best wine ever in Montefalco, to our own private tour of church in Spello lead by priest who spoke no English (and didn't need to), to taking the 5:30am train to Florence, spending the day and making it back to our car and to apartment delightfully exhausted.
We stopped in London for 3 days on the way back to the States. Again with wonderful times and sites.
It was a glorious trip. We can't stop talking about our adventures. We plan on going again in 2010. Maybe this time, France. But then again, Italy is still calling.
Thanks for letting me rant on.

Teddy Witherspoon
Fairy Tale - A True Story

This really happened. It seemed like a fairy tale. But it is a true story. It was during our Swiss Heartland Untour in 2004. We had decided to spend the day in Brienz. It was a beautiful sunny day. The lady in the Tourist Information Office suggested that we take a walk in the older section of town. The streets were empty. We had the scenery all to ourselves. At the corner of Krummgasse and Oberdorfstrasse, the voices of a ladies choir were drifting out of a nearby open window. We sat down on a nearby bench and listened. Eleanor suggested that someone must be playing a recording. I was sure it was a live performance. When our private concert ended, I wanted to clap. But shyness overwhelmed me. I regretted not clapping. It turned out to be a choir rehearsal in a building labelled "Heilsarmee" (Salvation Army). It was a magical moment that turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip.

It felt like a fairy tale. But it really happened. This is one of the reasons we will always pick the Untours way of traveling rather than a bus tour. Untours put us there. We had our own private concert surrounded by ancient chalets, beautiful flowers, snowcapped mountains and a distant waterfall. This was what I call an "Untours Moment".

Bill and Eleanor Kover
Piscataway, New Jersey
Swiss Heartland Untour 2002, 2004
Paris Untour 2008



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