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My friends and I are planning a trip to both Tuscany and Amalfi coast on an Untours Sampler. This is the first time for all of us so we want to make sure we see as much as we can without complete overload. We're also trying to avoid crowds and extreme heat, if we can. So, would mid June be too late? Or is mid May or late September a better time to go? Which towns/attractions did you enjoy the most in the Tuscany region and which properties in Tuscany are most conveniently located to visit those towns?

We don't want to drive while on the coast and wonder if Untours makes it possible to travel to the different towns using public transportation. What did you most enjoy about the Amalfi coast?

Any suggestions, experiences, etc. would be greatly appreciated!

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We did UnTour in Tuscany a couple of years ago in May. Weather was beautiful and hot yet hot. I have post some photos on this site if you would like to view them.

W Rogers

Brandon, FL

Hi Julie

I've been in April and September--also in August (waaay too hot!)  Probably the best weather was the April trip.  I think you can see it on my page, we did a Venice/Tuscany sampler.Lots more info about the towns and sites we visited in Tuscany there.  This year it's an Amalfi/Rome sampler!

The things we enjoyed most about Tuscany were the village market days.  The towns we love are Montalcino, Pienza, Murlo, Bagno Vignoli, Pitigliano, Siena --the list goes on and on!  I wouldn't hesitate to drive in Tuscany, especially with GPS.  I think the towns in Amalfi should be easy enough to get to with bus, ferry, and train.  We are planning to join a guided tour (bus) to Pompeii, and I have booked a charter to take us along the coast and to Capri.

The main problem I have is that vaca is over too soon!!

Susan Umberger

I've been to Florence in March, April, and August. August is way too hot. The March trip was actually warmer than the April trip, but that was just an unusually warm March. It was very pleasant in April.


We did this same Untour sampler a few years ago and it was wonderful.  We went in mid-June as well.  The weather was just about perfect.  A bit warm in Tuscany, but pleasant.  Driving in Tuscany is not a problem.  Try to avoid the town center areas of Siena and Florence.  The rest is easy.  Amalfi is another story.  Take the bus!!  It goes everywhere and is easy to use.  Our Untours representative, Rosa, gave us the lowdown on how to navigate the bus system and we had no problem.   We'd go back to both places in a heartbeat.  Have fun!

Thanks so much!  We've signed up for mid-May and can hardly wait!

You will have a great time, some of the most stunning scenery ever. We loved Amalfi, I've got blog posts about there and Tuscany too. If I can be of help let me know.
Susan Umberger



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