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Hi, I was wondering if anybody else out there has bought travelers' insurance. I'm planning a trip with my daughter (just over $6,000) (2 weeks sampler) and the insurance Untours has recommended seems very high ($554). Thanks much,

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Thanks very much to everyone who chimed in. I decided to buy the travel insurance. I went to http://www.insuremytrip.com/ as Bill Kover suggested. Since I already have pretty good medical insurance, I wanted mainly a cancellation policy. I looked at the plans, was a bit confused, and called the customer service number. The person I talked with was very nice and knew exactly what I was looking for. She recommended one of the plans by Travel Guard. My price? Only $132.00. That's affordable!

Happy New Year!

Chris, I think you will be happy with Travel Guard. They are a reputable company with a good reputation. We have always been able to reach them 24/7 and speak directly to a live person. Someone literally walked us through the claim filing process, step by step. As I commented earlier, we were fully reimbursed within 30 days with no hassle.
$132.00 is a good price to pay for peace of mind, though hope you don't need it. Have a wonderful Untour - we've been on four: Switzerland twice-Heartland and Ticino, Germany Castle, and Venice. Now trying to decide where to go next!!
Sue Millirons
Wonderful! I agree re: peace of mind. This is our (my daughter and I) first untour. It was a hard decision to choose where to go - we were also thinking of the Budapest/Prague sampler. Switzerland was also high on our list!



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