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We just put together a 2009 Calendar using some of our photos from our April/May Untour to Venice.
The hard part was selecting only 13 photos (one for the cover) from the over 600 that we took!! We ordered extras and plan to use them as Christmas gifts for family and friends-it may be the only way we can get our kids to look at our photos!! We added the ones we selected to the photo section, so when they have been approved, they should be available for viewing. What a great memento of our wonderful trip.

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Hi Sue and Eric,

What a great idea! How did you do this? Did you use a calendar company? After you selected your 13 photos (very hard decisions had to be made!), how long did it take to get the finished calendars back? I'd love to do the same with my family and friends for Christmas.

Hi Lynanne-we did everything through the Walgreen's photo website-which is where we upload all of our digital photos, edit and order from, and share.. If you are not familiar with it-it is free (just requires registration), and VERY user friendly. We have been using it since we purchased our first digital camera over two years ago. We also got calendars from them last year with our Japan photos, and were very pleased. The wall calendars come in two sizes, the standard 8x11, and another that is larger. The actual calendar part with the dates has spaces big enough to write in, which I like. It's good quality paper, and there are many color choices for background, though we prefer white. You can also add captions under your photos to identify them, The cost for the 81/2 x111/2 is $19.99 each (plus tax and shipping), they have a special right now at 20% off, but I think it ends on the 8th. You prepay by credit card, and they ship them right to your home-I think it takes about a week or so. When you go to the photo site-if you don't see calendars right away, look for gifts, and you should find them. Also, if you have dial up (like we did for years-finally got dsl in June), the upload time per picture can be long.
I think Walgreens uses Snapfish as their photo source, and we have never had a problem, and we have printed thousands of photos from them. Have fun.
Hi Sue and Eric, What great instructions for the calendars - thanks loads. Now to decide on 13 photos for my own gifts. Lynanne
Thanks , Lynanne, for your kind comments about our photos and calendar instructions. The photos we chose were probably not "the best" from a photographer's view, but the ones we thought would best protray our time in Venice to our family and friends who had never been there. Enjoy selecting your special photos for your own calendar if that is what you decide to do.
We're off to Mexico next week, so maybe we will have one from there for next year!
Sue and Eric
Great Idea, and what a tough decision to make-- only 13 photos!!! Seems like a great idea for our family, as we have been talking so much about our trips to Switzerland, wish we could take all of them with us. Thanks for the idea,
Jean and Fred
Thanks for viewing our post, and your comments. Good luck,and have fun selecting your photos if you decide to try it.
Sue and Eric
Hi Sue and Eric,
I'm definitely going to do a calendar for Christmas gifts! I'm going through my Venice photos now; have gotten to the "F"s and already have 29 tentative really good shots. What a big decision to make by the time I get to "Z". Tell us about your Mexico trip when you return. Traveling independently, with a tour group?
Have fun, Lynanne
I've been doing this for years with our photos. It's so much fun. I make two, one for Frank's office which always has 8x10 photos usually scenery; and one for our kitchen which is a collage of photos with a theme for each month. This way we get to relive a lot of fun things throughout the year. For my desk I make a calendar using pictures of my dachshund. My kids always want copies of this one.

This past September when we went to Austria, I made a calendar for 2009 for the Seiwalds (our apartment hosts). I selected pictures that I have taken on various trips around the USA then I looked up all the Austrian holidays and inserting them in the appropriate dates for 2009. Terri and her family seemed to really enjoy it.

To make my calendars I use Print Shop. In the past I have purchased "Invent It" calendar kits although they are hard to find now. I still have a large stash thank goodness. For my doxie calendars, I print them on regular 8 1/2 x 11 photo paper and then take the sheets to Staples for binding. It only costs a dollar or two.

Since I print my calendars myself, I can add holidays, birthdays etc to the calendars itself. I also import pictures of people into their birthday dates. Sometimes I get pretty creative.
Ciao Sue and Eric-
I'm back from my wonderful two weeks in Venice at the Casino apartment and have already done my calendars for gifts. I used snapfish directly at their website and had the option to use templates that would allow up to three photos per page which made the choices easier (June is adopt a cat month so use three photos from the San Lorenzo Cat Sanctuary) and I had them back within a week of ordering. Actually I think it was less because I did the calendar at one of those weird hours when you have jet lag and can't sleep (for me it's 3am) on Friday 11/07/08 and had them in my hand on 11/12/08 and snapfish is having a sale of 20% off through 12/31/08.
I'll be updating my blog soon with more of my Venetian adventures.
For others who want to use snapfish directly it www.snapfish.com and the coupon code for the sale is "winter08". I even made a puzzle for my best friend of one of my pictures for her Christmas present.




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