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My e mail indicates that Baby left a message for me in Untours Cafe and I clicked on the URL which took me to Untours Cafe but I can't find the message. Can someone help me with this.
Ed Jose

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"Baby" left a message for probably everyone on the Cafe. It was a spamer soliciting you for sex. So I guess it is just as well you missed it. The techies and system that take care of the Cafe were able to delete it all fairly quickly. I just happened to be one of the "lucky" ones to see it. So don't think you missed anything worth while.
Thank you. I am a little naive I suppose. I get so little mail from the the Untours Cafe that I am excited when there is something in my mailbox form the Cafe. Thank you for your timely reply.
Ed Jose
Hi, Ed....

Occasionally we have spammers that leave a message for everyone. We monitor the Cafe pretty carefully and we can eliminate inappropriate messages when we see them en masse (but there is a still a message that someone emailed you.) Usually it is just random merchandise they are marketing...occasionally by a VERY attractive lady....

Marilee Taussig



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