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My husband and I are trying to plan a trip to Provence--we think in June next year as I have heard that is when the lavender is in bloom.   Any thoughts on this or as to what accommodations you would recommend.   We have not used UNTOURS before but they come highly recommened

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We did an Untours trip May 28-June 21, 2006.  First was 2 weeks in Provence followed by a week add-on in Paris.  It was a delightful trip, but, alas, no lavender.

Thanks so much for answering .  I guess I will call untours and see if they have any recommendations as to when to go--Do you think 2 weeks is too much in Provence or should we divide it up..  I have traveled a lot but it has been several years so I want it to be a good trip/


When you travel with Untours they always give you a little book with loads of information about where to go and what to see.  In my opinion, there is lots to do in the region and you will not be bored. Two weeks is not too much time.  Having said that, I have to admit that The Netherlands Untours was a more interesting trip for us.  You honestly can't go wrong though with Untours.

When does lavender bloom in Provence?

The famed lavender fields bloom in summer, so travel in June to August for violet-tinged views. But weigh up your desire for purple passion against the crowds: you’ll be sharing the view with plenty of other travelers.
this is from Lonely Planet



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